Gazebo Weights and Fastening

To ensure that everything stays in place: fastening equipment for gazebos

We tested it. Our gazebos can withstand wind speeds of up to 120 km/h. Is there a catch? Yes, because absolute stability can only be guaranteed if the gazebo is fastened correctly. You would like to fix a gazebo without drilling? No problem. To ensure that everything stays in place and no damage occurs, we have designed special fixing materials for each type of terrain:

  • The best way to fasten a gazebo on a terrace or firm ground is to use our base plates.
  • Do you want to fasten your gazebo on soft ground? Then we recommend using safety straps and pegs.
  • If the gazebo is used for a long time on private property, the feet of the gazebo can be drilled into the ground with screws.

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Gazebo weights

You want to fix your pavilion on asphalt? Our gazebo weights are best suited for fixing gazebos on hard, solid surfaces. They are unobtrusive but still aesthetically pleasing and elegant. For us gazebo weights are essential when buying a gazebo and must, therefore, be in harmony with the overall design.

For maximum stability, it is recommended to fix the 28 kg base plate on all 4 feet of the gazebo. With a surface area of 40x40 cm, it will offer a large support area

We recommend the 10 kg base plate as an additional fastening for your gazebo. The 29x29 cm support surface allows the 10 kg base plate to be placed on the top of the 28 kg base plate. Thanks to the combination of the base plates 28 kg and 10 kg, your gazebo will be protected from wind and weather.

Das Befestigungsset für Faltpavillons bestehend aus Hammer, Spanngurten und Heringen.

Pegs and tensioning straps

You want to fasten your gazebo on soft ground? Then we recommend using our fastening set made up of 4 or 6 pegs and 4 or 6 tensioning straps and a hammer.

Everything is perfectly prepared down to the last detail - but the weather is bad?

Stable gazebos - up to a wind speed of 120 km/h

It is important to know how to fasten your gazebos. Here are some practical tips.

The key when it comes to gazebo fastening

Better safe than sorry! To avoid damages and unpleasant disagreements with insurance companies, we recommend to be aware of strong winds. Even the smallest cloud, as well as wind, can quickly turn into a thunderstorm.

Thanks to the flat shape of the gazebo weights, they are not only practical, but can also be stored on top of each other, if necessary. Sudden gusts of wind will no longer be a problem with the MASTERTENT base plates. The convenient carrying grip facilitates effortless transportation. The gazebo weights are made of galvanised cast iron with zinc coating because rust resistance is a crucial characteristic.

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