Yellow gazebo of the size 3x3 m with awning and various sidewalls on a sandy ground in the middle of the desert. A man is juggling next to the gazebo.
Printed gazebo with awning in the rain. Under the gazebo the customer is buying a flower from the florist. Outside it is raining.

Convincingly simple

and fully automatic.

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Gazebo with Awnings

You want to protect your products from heat and bad weather, but also offer your customers protection from rain or strong sunlight? Then, our gazebo with automatic awnings is your ideal solution!

The gazebo with awnings can be set up in 60 seconds without using any tools. The gazebo awnings open automatically, meaning you don’t require any loose parts, screws or other small components. You can equip your gazebo with up to 4 awnings, i.e. on all four sides, depending on your requirements.

Still not convinced? Read more about features and advantages below!


Innovative roof shape with automated roof opening and patented telescopic top.


There is no faster way!

Ready to use in only 60 seconds. Even the folding gazebos with awnings on all four sides can be set up in no time at all!


Extend Your Covered Area

For technical reasons, the awnings are not available for all gazebo sizes. It is also important to consider how many sides will be equipped with an automatic roof awning. Only our square gazebos, the classic 3x3 m and the gazebo 4x4 m, are standardly equipped with automatic roof awnings on all four sides of the tent.

The eaves have a depth of 65 cm or 80 cm, depending on how many sides of the tent the awnings are attached. 

Upon request, customised gazebos with 4 roof awnings are possible also for other gazebo sizes!

We guarantee to provide the perfect solution for your project!

Individual Advertising

Thanks to the large roof shape, there is more space for large-area printing. The straight panel underneath the eaves can also be printed separately - with your logo for example. 

Be the star at every event with our gazebo with awnings!

Graphic Team

 Marketing has never been this easy...

Square with Awning

New and innovative: the Square with Awning folding gazebo. The maximum visibility and the useful awning turn this gazebo into the perfect companion.