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Canopy Tents with Automatic Awnings

Mastertent automatic roof awnings are beautifully integrated into the frame and roof of our S1 series canopy tents. Like all our products, the automatic roof awning style tents can be set up in just 60 seconds with no additional tools or loose parts – the awnings simply open automatically as your tent frame unfolds.

Your automatic awnings can be designed in a variety of ways: extending from the front, two-three adjacent sides, opposite sides, or all the way around. Once you have your perfect selection, the Mastertent S1 canopy tent with automatic awnings offers tremendous function and impressive style that is ideal as a market tent, serving tent or promotion tent.


Innovative roof shape with automated roof opening and patented telescopic top.

Quick Assembly

Extended Coverage, Same Footprint

Mastertent automatic awnings are available options on our 6 primary sizes starting with the 10x10 and 13x13ft canopy tents. These two symmetrical styles are most-commonly paired with a single front awning or awnings that wrap-around all 4 sides. For our classic 10x10 canopy tent, 4 awnings create a roof line over 14x14ft while keeping its leg position at 10x10ft!

Awnings extend from the roof valances, providing eaves that are 32in (80cm) and 26in (65cm), depending on the selected configuration. Upon special request, awnings can be designed in custom ways or for our smaller canopy tent sizes.


Awning Tent Inspiration

Custom Printing

The expansive beautiful roof lines of a Mastertent canopy tent with automatic awnings are just begging to be printed in your custom graphics!

As customers and guests are drawn into your unique tent, even the under-awning valances can be printed with logos or special messaging.

In-House Design Assistance

 Make marketing your business easier than ever before!

The Square x Awning

New and innovative, the Square x Awning is the newest signature Mastertent roof style. When the visibility of the Square meets the function of the awning, the final product is an iconic tent that takes your business to the next level.