Unique shape for extraordinary advertising - Mastertent's flat roof canopy tent 

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Flat Roof Canopy Tents

The Square

The patented Mastertent Square is the perfect solution for those who want maximum advertising space. The flat roof canopy tent offers premium quality, extreme strength and striking looks with an all-aluminum frame and roof that is fire-retardant and 100% waterproof. ​

The Square’s flat roof canopy creates enormous advertising space on all four sides with a valance height of almost 3ft. The impressive design makes the 10x10 Square an ideal market tenttrade show tent or event tent.

The Square

Flat roof with central water drain pipe.


Set Up in No Time

Mobile and flexible. This is how quick the "Square" gazebo with awning can be set up.
Convince yourself!

The Ultimate Eye-Catcher

The Mastertent 10x10 Square is the perfect advertising tent that attracts the crowd to deliver a big message. The innovative roof provides enormous side valances - nearly 3ft tall. With almost 30 ft² of roof advertising surface on each side, the flat roof canopy tent approaches 3x the vertical printing space of a classic roof. ​

Our in-house graphics and printing teams love working with you on amazing designs for the new 10x10 Square. All the vertical space, especially when packaged with sidewalls, allows for your message to be front and center with incredible, high-quality graphics.

Add colour to the space that surrounds you!

Start with the colour and design the folding gazebo that suits your needs. Your folding gazebo - your style!

Add colour to the space that surrounds you!

Start with the colour and design the folding gazebo that suits your needs. Your folding gazebo - your style!

Square with Awning

Add a little extra flair and coverage! Meet the new Square with Awning!

Enjoy all the benefits of the Square: increased visibility and iconic style with added coverage and function. The Sqaure x Awning adds an extended, front awning to the signature Square shape. Like our other Mastertent awning tents, the Square's front awning automatically extends while setting up the entirety of the tent frame. No extra parts! 

"This folding canopy tent
is a real revolution."

Georg Silgoner, Innovation & Development

Outdoor Design

Our research team has worked intensively to develop the Square’s flat roof design with an inverted peak for total weather control. The Square houses a smart drain system for rainwater. Through a filtered collection in the tent’s center, water channels through an integrated discharge drain which can be setup in any direction for the best water exit point.

Everything working together to give you control, keeping guests and activities dry.

100% Waterproof

Flat Roof Canopy Tent Inspiration

A purple 10x10ft printed canopy tent with counters to sell popcorn.
Full Dye Sublimation Printed 10x10ft Square Mastertent set up for Bicycle Helmet Company at outdoor event

Designed by Mastertent, customized for you.