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Canopy Tent Weights and Securing Systems

Mastertent mobile equipment uses the highest-quality materials for leading quality and strength. Our products are tried and tested for durability including wind-tunnel testing to over 75+ mph (120km/h) for the material strength against the elements.

However, canopy tents (of any quality) are mobile by design and can act like a parachute in windy conditions—lifting in updrafts and then falling. To prevent injury or damage, it is always recommended to pair any pop-up tent with some method of securing.

Keep tents in place with smart securing: ground anchors, base weights or ballasting systems.

Direct from the Manufacturer

Why do pop-up tents need securing?

Securing your canopy tent is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Safety: An unsecured canopy tent can become a hazard if it is blown away by the wind, potentially injuring people nearby.
  2. Property Protection: A flying canopy can cause significant damage to nearby property, including vehicles and buildings.
  3. Compliance: Many public spaces and events require that canopy tents be adequately secured to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of all attendees.

Canopy Tent Weights

Tent weights are a popular solution to secure the base of your tent. While sandbags, water balloons, and larger blocks are popular industry solutions, we've designed our tent weights for a sleek, professional design.

Available in two sizes — 22lbs and 60lbs, Mastertent base weights are made from galvanized cast iron for ultimate durability. The plate design includes an integrated handle for easy handling while the flat surface allows for stacking. The weight's low profile maintain compatibility with tent sidewalls and keep eyes on your brand, not on your securing method.

For maximum stability, use our 60 lbs. canopy tent weights on all each leg of your canopy tent.. These 60lb weights split into a two-piece design — each piece weighing approx. 30lbs for easy handling. The weights measure 1". tall and have an approx. diameter of 16". If you are operating in extremely windy conditions, our base weights can be stacked for additional security.

For even easier handling or light wind conditions, our 22lb. canopy tent weights are a great solution. The slide-on design is approximately 1" tall by 12" in diameter. If you are looking for easy single-weight handling but need our larger-weight performance, consider stacking 2-3 22 lbs. weights on each tent foot or pairing the 22lb weights with ground anchors.

Canopy Tent Ground Anchors

We leveled up the traditional tent stake — those familiar candy cane-shaped pins — for a much more substantial ground anchor solution. Our spiral, heavy-duty cast iron ground stakes include 4-6 30x10mm spirals measuring 18" (45.5cm) long. The stakes are paired with heavy-duty tensioning straps — each 10.4" (3.17m) long — and a mallet. 

Installing Your Ground Anchors:

  1.  Hammer the ground anchor stakes into the ground around each corner of your tent using the provided mallet. 
  2. Attach the tensioning straps to the eyelets on the tent roof and to the top of the ground stake — or around the tent frame for our PRO Set — using the attached carabiners.
  3. Tighten the tensioning straps with the integrated ratcheting system.

Pro-Tip: Align your anchoring straps to make a 45° to the ground when connected to the tent.

NEW: PRO Ground Anchor Set

Heavy-Duty Tensioning Straps

Compared to our standard ground anchors, which clasp around the tent roof's corner securing loop, our PRO Ground Anchors deploy an even heavier-duty tensioning strap system that loops around the tent's framework.

Concrete Weights for Folding Canopy Tents

Combine top-down and base securing with comprehensive ballasting systems. These systems are ideal for anchoring tents on hard ground surfaces or in severe wind conditions

Our concrete ballasts are our recommended method of securing for events and operations where your canopy tents need to stay set up for extended periods of time.

Technical Features at a Glance:

  • An iron weight bracket and 4x 55lb (25kg) concrete weights per tent leg
  • The ballast weight bracket features a rubber grommet on the underside to prevent slipping.
  • Concrete blocks are shaped with milled sides for easy handling and stacking.
  • For aesthetics, the concrete weights can be covered with a polyester cover that can be customized in color and print.

*Tent users are responsible for taking prudent measures that assess and plan for all weather conditions and to make decisions that maintain safe operations at all times. Always close and store tents if there is any question about wind security.

Wind-Tunnel Tested for Material Strength

Tent Wind Speeds

Mastertent canopy tents are incredibly stable in tested wind speeds up to 75 mph with their high‐quality materials and robust construction.

Real‐world wind circumstances are unpredictable with updrafts, funnels, and more. Please never try to test these simulated limits and always follow securing safety tips. While your vehicle may do 120 mph, the speed limit is set at 60 for a good reason. 

Mastertent was extremely helpful in getting my custom tent right and answering all my questions! I needed something to fit the themed Renaissance Festival events I work, and within my budget. They were helpful, friendly, and communicative. Everything arrived on time and delivery was great. My first event out with my new Mastertent was in POURING rain for two full days and my 13'x13' with front awning held up perfectly with no issues. It was much easier to set up than anything else I've worked with! Highly recommended.

Molly W

The entire Mastertent experience has the Premium Feel. The rep I worked with was incredibly helpful, available, and forthright on pricing. I really could not have had a better experience. That's before I even received my canopy tent that puts all other canopies to shame. This thing is built to withstand the constant use abuse that regular users will throw at it. I use mine primarily for tailgating during football season and have received many questions about where I found such a beastly constructed canopy. It's put up with high winds with ease and setup is a true breeze. The engineering behind the tent is second to none. It's incredibly well thought out and assembled. Before purchasing from Mastertent, I shopped around with other dealers but none of them compare. This is the place to get your next and possibly last canopy from.

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Hands down, best events tent you can buy. Was at an event in Arkansas last weekend. The wind was terrible. Other vendor's tents where literally blowing over, but ours was solid as a rock.

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I bought a 13x13 tent with two sides that are windows, one door, and a solid back. From time of sale to at door steps, the process was easy and fast. We also got the led lighting and weights. Worth every penny spent!

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