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Canopy Tent Replacement Parts

With over 70 years of experience, Mastertent builds durable canopy tents built to last. In line with our sustainability initiatives, almost every part can be repaired or replaced, ensuring long-lasting use.

Our tents are designed for easy everyday use and simple on-site repairs. Parts can be replaced by the owner without tools or external help, saving time, product waste, and money.

For assistance during repairs, we're just a phone call or email away.

Spare Parts Service
In-House Production

Our Commitment

10-Year Spare Parts Guarantee

At Mastertent, we build durable products to support your mobile activities now and in the future. We offer industry-leading warranties and customer care, ensuring your investment in quality is protected.

All our products come with a 10‐Year Spare Parts Availability Guarantee, ensuring spare parts are available for a decade after purchase. We design and manufacture all core components in-house, ensuring a reliable supply chain and excellent quality control, without reliance on external suppliers.

Identify Replacement Parts

Most parts on your Mastertent will have a part number (aka article number) on the aluminum structure or product tag or a QR code sticker for easy identification. If you're having trouble identifying parts, share pictures with your Mastertent Rep, and we'll complete the process for you.

Contact a Mastertent Specialist

Your Mastertent specialist can help answer questions, confirm the necessary parts, provide pricing, and assist in placing your warranty or replacement order. Contact us through our website contact form, email, or by calling our office.

Replacement Videos & Demos

Browse our replacement instruction videos and guides or book a demo call with a Mastertent Product Specialist.

NEW: QR Code Part Identification

We want to offer a straightforward customer service. This is why, since August 2022, our customers can find a QR code on one of the folding gazebo's corner posts which can be used to order spare parts quickly and easily. So if you need one, scan this code and it will take you to a page where you can request the necessary spare part in just a few steps.

We will then send you a quote and take care of a quick replacement.

Can't find a QR code?

No problem! In this case, contact us and describe the damage. Our team can help identirfy necessary parts from shared photos or through a video call. Our team will assist in getting your tent back in working order as quickly as possible.

Spare Part How-To & Installation Videos