For the environment, our employees, and you.

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Sustainable Development

As a Zingerle Group brand, sustainability is built into the core of how we manufacture our products, engage with our communities, and operate our offices. A family-founded and run business, we like to think in generations, not just in quarters.

We are continually making the effort to increase our sustainability initiatives year over year to better impact the world around us. 

Climate Protection
Climate Protection

Quality vs. Overconsumption

The root of our mission is to build premium quality equipment. An investment in quality is also an investment in our environment. Through a longer-lasting construction, spare parts service, and recyclable materials, your Mastertent can last and perform year after year compared to multiple recreational-grade canopy tents.

Social Sustainability

We extend our sustainability initiatives into our communities. Mastertent is proud to partner with community and environmental non-profits like Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation and the Carolina Raptor Center to power their mission as well as their mobile equipment needs. 

"Sustainability is not a goal, but a mindset that we integrate into our daily actions."

CEO - Georg Zingerle