Mastertent + Cycling:
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How Custom Cycling Tents Help a Swiss Mountain Bike Racing Team Succeed

Ralph Näf is no stranger to success. The Swiss cross-country mountain biker has a list of accolades ranging from European Championship medals, a Swiss Championship title, and multiple Olympics appearances to winning a World Cup and placing in several Marathon World Championships. In 2012, he became the first cyclist ever to earn the title of Eliminator World Champion. So, when Näf shares what it takes to prepare for a cycling competition, people listen. 

That’s especially true in his current role as team manager of the Thömus maxon Swiss Mountain Bike Racing Team. He coaches a talented team of young Swiss riders to victory in competitions all over the world. 

“We regularly participate in regional mountain bike races in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, but also in World Cup races all over Europe and other continents,” Näf said.

Professional Equipment for Professional Cyclists

The entire team travels together and usually stays in the same place for three days in a row. Näf knows that doing well on the road requires excellent organization and top-performing equipment. That’s why, when it came to choosing the best cycling tent, the Thömus maxon Swiss Mountain Bike Racing Team chose Mastertent. 

"We have had folding tents from other manufacturers in recent years, but the clever solutions, the size of the folding tents, and the high-quality material of Mastertent are what convinced us,” Näf said.

The Tent of Choice for Competitive Cycling

Näf and his team aren’t alone in their opinion. Mastertent has become the preferred tent of competitive cycling teams, cycling vendors, and BMX biking teams across the globe. The likes of NORCO, GT Bicycles, utake, Shimano, DT Swiss, Commencal, Frameworks, Yeti Cycles and more all trust Mastertent for their cycling tents. A flexible array of tent accessories and modular, easy-to-use designs make Mastertents a natural choice for pit work, race prep, and post-race recovery. 

Expert mountain biker Justin Hushon of Chaingang Racin said Mastertent has been an ideal choice for his professional team. 

"My mountain bike team recently got us a tent from here as part of our new pit setup. The tent is hands down the best made and put together tent we have ever had and we are so lucky to have such a good tent company looking out for us!” Hushon said.

Modular Design for Multi-Use Setups

Likewise, Näf said Mastertent’s flexible configurations, like tents equipped with four sidewalls that can be easily attached with a continuous Velcro strip, have been key for the Thömus maxon Swiss Mountain Bike Racing Team. 

“The solution that was offered to us was perfect. We are able to separate the rooms easily and quickly, so each of the riders has their privacy,” he said. 

Näf and his team lean on Mastertent’s multi-tent system for a space that adapts to many different activities throughout a race. It’s the place where sponsors enjoy fresh coffee and where the whole team eats, rests, and prepares for races. It’s also a retreat, especially for the riders. Each one has a private space, thanks to custom-made sidewall partitions that separate the tent into three rooms and a corridor. Plus, with 100% waterproof fabric and base weights to secure against strong winds, racers can find peace and focus, no matter the race day conditions. 

Meet the Team
Get to know the Thömus maxon Swiss Mountain Bike Racing Team better and learn all about upcoming races.
Thömus Maxon Website

Simple, Low-Stress Setup

For the Thömus maxon Swiss Mountain Bike Racing Team, it was important to prioritize a straightforward cycling tent setup. After all, cycling competitions are stressful enough. Näf said Mastertent checked all the boxes for a sturdy structure with minimal time and effort to build. 

"Particularly helpful is that the tents, despite their size, can be set up effortlessly by only two people. Really anyone can do this,” he said.

Each Mastertent is carefully designed with tool-free assembly for quick and painless assembly. High-quality, smooth-locking frames and minimal extra parts ensure a crisp shape, even with frequent use.

High Performance in a Folding Set Up
Mastertent cycling tents set up tool-free in minutes while giving you the durabilty and performance of a more rigiourous structure. 
Take a look at the set-up process.                                                                        
How to Set-Up Your Mastertent

Expert Design Guidance and Support

No two competitive cycling teams are the same—and neither are their tents. Näf’s team opted for an attractive eight-tent setup with high-peak roofs and flags, but cycling tents come in a whole range of shapes, sizes, and features. For equipment that’s as high-performing and unique as a custom bike, Mastertent offers support from Product Specialists to create custom tent configurations specific to the customer.

Here’s what one customer, Christina Booth of premium bike brand Commencal USA, had to say about working with our team: 

"Really enjoyed working with Jacob from Mastertent. He was very responsive and helped us fulfill all of our tent needs. We ended up with a beautiful product that came right in time for our event that was quickly approaching. He was able to help us come up with some creative ways to make our tent unique, and we can't wait to show off our new tents! I would highly recommend Mastertent to someone looking to show up to events with a polished, clean, and organized event setup,” she said.

Whether you’re a world-class competitive cyclist, a cycling retailer, or a BMX biker, success starts with the right team. Contact us to learn more about how we can work together to create a winning cycling tent for your needs.

Author: Jacob R., Sales
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