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Mastertent folding gazebos are available in 12 sizes:

For larger projects, our gazebos can easily be combined into a modular construction system to accommodate any number of guests. Folding gazebos in special sizes can be produced on request.

Mastertent folding gazebos are available in 2 quality levels or "series" to best suit your requirements and budget. We refer to our top product with the highest quality as Series 1, the entry-level model as Series 2, whereby the folding gazebos differ only minimally in stability, but more in the variety of versions.

Find out more in our series comparison.

All Mastertent folding gazebos are 100% waterproof as standard.

All our folding gazebos are fire-retardant in accordance with EU standard EN 13501 - 1:2002 and M2.

Cross-sectional view of the octagonal aluminum profile of MASTERTENT's S1 series gazebo.

Aluminium belongs to the family of light metals, which does not rust when exposed to rain.

In addition, thanks to the easy formability of aluminium, we are able to produce not only square profiles, but also elegant 8-corner profiles. They add elegance and style.

Choose from our 5 different fabric types:

  • Pirontex® - NEW 2022
  • Oxford 500D - the great classic
  • Loden - for an alpine atmosphere
  • Glasfaser - refractory material
  • PVC - for special requirements

All connecting elements of our folding gazebo tent frames are made of extruded aluminium. The main reason for this is that aluminium  is more stable than plastic. In addition, the metal is aesthetically pleasing, more sustainable and can be colour-matched to the rest of the tent frame.

Further technical details.

Mastertent folding gazebos are of professional quality and are the most versatile on the market. Once you have tried one of our folding gazebos, you will be convinced by our brand! Each folding gazebo is carefully manufactured in-house from the best materials and with great attention to detail. The result of this is products that last for many years, not just seasons.

Here are a few examples of what makes Mastertent folding gazebos unique:

- Aluminium vs. steel construction: by using 100% aircraft grade aluminium instead of the industry standard steel, our gazebos offer an incredibly durable yet lightweight construction.

- 5-year manufacturer's warranty: the best warranty in the industry, covering any material or manufacturing defects on the entire aluminium frame.

- Lifetime corrosion protection guarantee: high-quality aluminium, anodising and powder coating ensure that undamaged components do not rust.

- 10 years spare parts warranty: we guarantee that we will continue to provide you with the spare parts you need for 10 years after purchase.

- Characteristic roof shapes: our patented folding gazebo models are as elegant and stylish as they are functional!

- Fully customisable: talk to our team about your needs! Our gazebos can be produced in individual colours, sizes and other designs on request!

- Lifelong customer care: our team is always there for you!

Mastertent offers 5 different roof shapes. Select to suit the application:

  • with straight valance
  • with scalloped valance
  • awning
  • flat roof
  • pagoda roof

More than just a roof over your head. Read more.

If used properly, the tent frame will last a lifetime. The lifespan of fabrics, on the other hand, varies greatly and depends on the way they are used and cared for; over time they tend to wear out and the fabric needs to be repaired. We have several examples of customers whose gazebos have lasted more than 20 years.

Yes, we offer a wide range of accessories. Sidewalls, counters, mounting plates and even heating and lighting elements.

Absolutely! All our gazebos are tested and certified so that we can always guarantee maximum safety, reliability and durability. In particular, we have TÜV, REACH, fire, water and wind protection certificates as well as certificates for static calculations. Many of the technical details that contribute to the stability and strength of our designs are patented and can therefore only be found at Mastertent.

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Brand and Sustainability

Our products are all produced entirely in Europe. The production headquarters are located in Italy (South Tyrol).

If you have not yet worked with us or purchased a product from us, we would like to give you a few reasons why Mastertent is the right partner for your project.

Find out more about "Why Mastertent?" here.

As a family business, we do not think in terms of quarters, but generations. For this reason alone, the concept of sustainability has always been deeply rooted in our DNA. Since day one, we have been working to build a company that achieves long-term success and can be passed on to future generations.

This way of thinking not only comes from the family itself, but is also practised by the employees. It starts with the little everyday things, such as the resource-conserving use of printing paper, conscious water consumption when washing hands, as well as waste separation at the workplace.

As a manufacturing company, we try to counteract unavoidable emissions every day by making conscious, sustainable decisions and protecting the planet.

Learn more about sustainability.

Mastertent's values are unique because they have their roots in the beginnings of our family business, from where they  have evolved from generation to generation, always adapted to the historical context. Despite our strong growth, these values are now deeply rooted in the culture of our company and are put into practice by all our employees on a daily basis. Mastertent means:

  1. Passion
  2. Reliability
  3. Innovation
  4. Tangibility
  5. Proactivity
  6. Sustainability
  7. Social responsibility

The Zingerle Group is the umbrella brand founded in 2023, which combines Mastertent®, Ecotent® and RUKU1952® into 3 brands. It is an all-Italian brand, born from the development of the family business Zingerle Metal and the Mastertent brand, with administrative and production headquarters in South Tyrol and partners and branches all over the world.

Find out more about the Zingerle Group here.

Installation, Fastening & Care

Mastertent folding gazebos are super easy to set up - everything we make is designed to be quick and easy!

Unlike many other folding gazebos, you do not have to remove the roof after use, which makes it much easier and quicker to set up the next time you use it.

Two people can easily erect a Mastertent folding gazebo in 60 seconds. There are no loose parts and no tools are required for set-up.

Yes, almost all of our folding gazebos can be easily transported by car. A 3x3 m folding gazebo, for example, has the following pack sizes: 42 x 42 x 158 cm.

We recommend securing the folding gazebo with either tensioning straps or our weights each time it is used.

Yes, you can, if you keep a few things in mind! If the weather conditions are ideal (wind gusts below 100 km/h) and your gazebo is properly secured with our ground weights or guy ropes, you can leave your gazebo up for as long as you like. Please contact a Mastertent expert for fixing tips and visit our fixing accessories page for more details.

If handled correctly, the tent frame will last a lifetime. Only the textiles may need to be replaced over time, depending on the care and frequency of use.

The fabrics may only be cleaned with lukewarm water, a soft sponge and neutral soap. But keep your hands off washing machines and pressure washers.

For optimum handling and to extend the service life of your folding gazebo, you should store it dry, upright and in the gazebo bag. If your folding gazebo gets wet, open it and allow the textile to air dry as quickly as possible to avoid complications.

Yes. Every part of your folding gazebo can be replaced. We also guarantee that you will receive all spare parts for up to 10 years after purchase.

If you need a spare part, simply scan the QR code on the tent frame of your folding gazebo and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, you can contact a Mastertent sales representative at any time. Together, we will ensure that your folding gazebo is quickly ready for use again. 

You can request a spare part here.

No! Regardless of the type of fastening, our gazebos can be dismantled within a few minutes. You can therefore set up the folding gazebo in your outdoor area and create a veranda or a pleasant indoor space without having to make any structural alterations or changes to the façade.

Colours, Printing & Customisation

Yes, both the roof and the sidewalls can be fully printed. So you can easily apply your logo and advertising. Find out more on our customisation page.

Our creative employees know how to make the most of your logo, lettering or photo. They achieve your ideas and wishes with attention to detail. The following printing techniques can be selected:

  • Sublimation printing for full-surface printing
  • Thermal transfer printing for smaller prints
  • Screen printing for large quantities

But of course! We make all the gazebo parts ourselves, so you can customise everything, even the size. Simply speak to your contact person and ask for the desired size. Our development department will design a made-to-measure folding gazebo for you!

Sublimation printing is suitable for full-surface printing, thermal transfer printing is for smaller print motifs and screen printing is suitable if the same motif is to be printed several times.

You can find more information about printing here.

All 12 standard colours are the same price. Whether red, yellow, blue..., you always pay the same amount.

With us, you pay the same for each of the 9 standard colours as for the normal aluminium structure. So take advantage and choose a colour that you like.

Large format prints require high-quality files so that your graphics do not look pixelated or distorted.

This means that we need vector files for an optimal result. We prefer Adobe Illustrator files (.eps or .ai), but can also work with other high-resolution files. Please send your graphics and logos to your Mastertent contact so that they can determine whether the quality of the files is sufficient for printing.

Prices, Orders, Shipping, Returns and Guarantees

As a producer, it is very important to us to respond to all your wishes. For this reason, we ask you to contact a customer advisor in your area to obtain a price quote.

Alternatively, you can use our gazebo configurator to configure a folding gazebo entirely according to your ideas and a sales consultant will contact you in no time at all to adapt the offer to your needs.

Yes, we offer discounts for bulk orders, please ask your sales advisor for a quote!

Yes, we offer the CARE and CARE+ insurance services which guarantee you a wide range of exclusive benefits in the event of an unfortunate accident with your gazebo for a small annual fee.

Please contact your Mastertent sales advisor immediately if you need to cancel your order. Stock orders may be cancelled prior to shipment for a full refund or exchange credit.

Special orders may also be cancelled for a full refund or exchange credit if cancelled prior to production. Customised components (e.g. printed roofs or sidewalls) of an order can no longer be cancelled once production has started. While the customised part is non-refundable, the usual cancellation options apply to the stock products of such an order.

If an order is cancelled after shipment, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs, and Mastertent may deduct the cost from the return or exchange credit as a courtesy. The original shipping costs are non-refundable and the final refund is subject to a restocking fee.

Questions about damage to the shipment should be clarified immediately before you accept and sign for the delivery, or immediately after the inspection if the signing has not taken place. The shipping companies that Mastertent works with take measures to ensure the protection of the products, but damage can still occur. If the packaging is damaged and/or products are missing, please note this with the carrier and contact Mastertent for assistance in resolving the matter. 

All folding gazebos come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on material and production defects in the aluminum structure. In addition, we guarantee a 10-year availability of all spare parts for the aluminum structure.

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