Woman is currently connecting several blue gazebos and is thereby creating a larger covered area.

Custom the size of your gazebo with the modular system

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Modular Tent System

The gazebo you desire, in the size that you prefer.

You did not find you prefered gazebo size; choosing the proper size is difficult or our gazebos are just too small for you? It's about time to learn about our modular system. 

This system enables us to create new dimensions for you. How? With our connecting elements. The gazebos can simply be attached on the sides, without any technical knowledge. This allows you to combine two different or two identical sizes to create a larger covered area.

You have not been able to find the perfect size despite our modular system? No problem for Mastertent. We help youdesign your customised gazebo size. Send us your request or get inspired by a customer experience.

Fire Retardant

Combine all sizes as desired, to create a particularly large canopy.

Gazebo Rain Gutter

The rain itself does not affect your event in any way, but the water pouring down between two or more gazebos disrupts you and your guests during a cosy get-together?

We understand your problem! Therefore, we have a handy solution: the gazebo rain gutter. It prevents rain from pouring down between two or more gazebos placed next to each other. It is easily and effectively fixed to the roof by  velcro strips. Learn more about the rain gutter and other possible applications.


Central Connecting Element

Seamless style and performance.

The central connecting element is an addition to the gazebo rain gutter. It is specifically developed for closing the space between two gazebos and create a in a water- and windproof shelter. A strip of fabric is attached to the outside of the two side walls with velcro fasteners. This way the opening can be closed completely, while at the same time the rain gutter can be used.


Ready in just 60 seconds.

100% waterproof! 

2 Gazebos are stabilized with an universal connecting element.

Universal Connecting Elements

Strong and secure connection.

The Mastertent connecting elements enable a stable connection of two or more gazebos in an instant. The connection clamps can be easily attached to the gazebo legs by using a simple screw lock. No more slipping gazebos, we promise!

2 Gazebos are stabilized with an universal connecting element.

Cleverly designed down to the smallest detail.