Carefree with CARE and CARE+.

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Storms, uprooted trees, fires or floods - the dangers lurk everywhere and they can leave enormous damage even to the most stable folding gazebo. 

Don't pay the entire bill in case your folding gazebo gets damaged in the event of force majeure and decide for CARE or CARE+, the service packages that promise you more safety for your products.

Enjoy carefree moments under your folding gazebo!

Repair Kit
Repair Kit

The weather changes unexpectedly? Act wisely and be covered!

Unlimited Roof Replacement
Unlimited Roof Replacement


The partial insurance for your folding gazebo

Your folding gazebo is crucial for your business? CARE reduces the risk of loss to a minimum. 

CARE replaces your tent roof in the event of damage caused by force majeure, by heavy soiling or wear due to high frequency of use.

CARE at a glance:

  • unlimited roof replacement 
  • you save 70% on the purchase of the new roof
  • in the event of minor damage to your tent roof you receive one free Repair Kit per year
  • priority customer support
  • fast replacement service
  • one-time, low service fee, no matter how often you replace your roof

Make sure you always have a protective roof over your head!



The comprehensive insurance for your folding gazebo.

If you do something you do it properly? Then CARE+ is the right choice for you; the popular comprehensive insurance for your Mastertent folding gazebo. 

In cases of damage, CARE+ promises:

  • unlimited replacement of the roof, the aluminium structure and its individual parts
  • 70% on all components that need to be replaced
  • in the event of minor damage to your tent roof you receive one free Repair Kit per year
  • priority customer support
  • fast replacement service
  • a one-off, low service fee (per contract period), no matter how often you replace the roof, the aluminum structure or its individual parts.
Does the word 'insurance' scare you?

Clear, simple and secure insurance services. 

Don't waste time and nerves in bureaucracy

There are no hidden costs or clauses. All detailed information about the services is clearly listed in the contract. It is simply worded so that everyone can easily read and understand it without any unpleasant surprises.
After signing the contract, all you have to do is relax and contact us by email in case bad weather has damaged your folding gazebo. We will notify you each year when the insurance is about to expire and you can choose whether or not to renew it.
It only takes a few minutes to obtain CARE or CARE+ when purchasing your gazebo. The documents are reduced to the most important data and you will not have to waste time with loads of paperwork and signatures as with other types of insurance.
We keep what we promise. Mastertent has always been known for seriousness and professionalism, and our insurance services are no different.
Our customer service will take care of everything and guide you in case of need wherever you are.

The two service packages CARE and CARE+ can only be purchased when buying a new folding gazebo and can not be applied retroactively to products already purchased.

CARE and CARE+ are available in the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and the Netherlands.

With the CARE insurance only the purchased tent roof is covered. The CARE+ insurance covers the tent roof as well as the aluminium structure and its individual parts. 

You can claim CARE/+ in case of damage or destruction of your folding gazebo due to force majeure, heavy soiling or wear due to high frequency of use. 

The insurance can be taken out for one, two or three years when purchasing a folding gazebo. After that, it can be renewed annually before the expiration date.

1. Write an e-mail to [email protected]
2. Send us the serial number of the tent roof (also if the structure is damaged), your insurance number and photos of the damaged areas.
3. We will clarify the damage and take care of a quick replacement.

The contract holder can terminate CARE/+ annually at the due date. Not paying the contract fee by the due date will automatically result in forfeiture of the contract and the expiration of all claims under this contract.