Various market tents on the market place. Every seller has his own gazebo, in between customers and buyers are circulating.
Elegant gazebo by MASTERTENT at a wedding party. The bride is approaching the church.
The light grey gazebo 8x4 m with 4 canopies serves as a terrace canopy for the Mar'n'go bar in Italy. There are tables and chairs underneath.

Our Gazebo
for Your Moments

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Our gazebos are suitable for every situation

Have you ever heard of our Mastertent all-rounders? Mastertent gazebos are suitable to any type of event. With 12 different sizes, a colour palette of 12 standard colours, different models, smart accessories and endless personalisation options, our gazebos impress with their versatility and provide the matching cover you need.  

What would you like to use your gazebo for?

Promotion tents of BH at a bike festival on the dome square in Bressanone. The gazebo has a variety of flags. In the front are some mountain bikers.

Promotion & Events

The tasks of our gazebos are at least as versatile as your reasons to celebrate. Whether as a cover or as a mobile advertising ambassador. With Mastertent you are prepared for every situation.

Red-white striped gazebo at a fun fair or carnival. The gazebo is printed with the incription "Popcorn". It serves as a popcorn stand.
A promotion tent for sunglasses is located in the shopping street. The gazebo is blue and printed all over.
Orange 8x4 gazebo with black frame and two customised flags with Wimmer Werk logo. Paddock gazebo for rally racing cars.

Sports & Automotive

Do you need an eye-catching roof for your racing team? With Mastertent you are definitely in the pole position.

Do you belong to a sports club that needs a gazebo several times a year for various club events? If so, the durability of our products is definitely impressive.

Black gazebo next to the race track. The gazebo is printed with racing patterns. Below them are tyres, cones and other motorsport accessories.
Gazebos for restaurants

Gastronomy & Hotel Industry

Snacks, traditional food or gala dinner - whether you are a vintner presenting your fine wines or a caterer serving food to your guests outdoors, Mastertent gazebos always fit.

Pack Size
A red elegant gazebo with scalloped valance and corner curtains is located in a hotel garden. Under the gazebo are some standing tables.
A red gazebo with four awnings is located in the middle of the vines. The sidewalls are printed with vines. In front of the gazebo two boxes with wine bottles are situated.

Civil Protection & Other Applications 

When every second matters safety is priority. With its special sidewalls and floor, our Kit Rescue is designed to rescue injured people in an accident or in crisis areas.

Red and white Rescue gazebo during a fire brigade gazebo. A building is burning in the background. The fire brigade is extinguishing the fire with the help of the turntable ladder.

"Rely on Mastertent when every second counts."

Retail & Markets

You are looking for the number 1 among the sales stands? Mastertent is the answer. Fast assembly in just 60 seconds, practical transport and small packing size. Not convinced yet? How about an eye-catching printing to be recognized from afar?

The gazebo is located in front of a stadium advertising sports shoes. The gazebo consists of a roof banner and printed sidewalls.
Yellow market tent with counter and roof flag located at a market square. The gazebo roof is printed fully printed.
Elegant gazebos are located in fornt of the municipal hall in the garden.

Communities & Charity

Why is a Mastertent gazebo suitable for communities and charities? Durability and the easy set up of our gazebos are just some of the reasons.

The white pagoda tent is located on the market square. Underneath the gazebo some boxes with fish from the sea are situated. In the background are some red buildings.
Blue gazebo with flat roof serving as a burger stand on a square. In the background of the picture a church can be seen.

Prevention Against COVID-19

Are you looking for fast and efficient solutions in the battle against the Coronavirus? If yes, Mastertent is the ideal partner for you. Our innovative solutions are the perfect companions for optimal prevention against COVID-19.

The employee inside the tent performs a smear test on the woman in front of it. He wears a mouth guard and gloves.
Disinfection tunnel in front of the entrace of a trade show