Discover ultimate flexibility in an effortless set up for events of any size - from 2 to 200 tents.

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Multi-Tent Systems

Modular Large Event Solutions

Need more than a single tent? Our multi-tent systems and innovative accessories allow you to create a custom configuration — ready to equip any large-scale event.

Frame connecting clamps and waterproof rain gutters connect tents quickly and easily, forming a perfect large-scale layout. Our expertly designed sidewalls and accessories ensure seamless execution.

Contact us to discuss custom tent applications that suit your needs.

100% Waterproof

From 1 Tent to 100

Flex the versatility of a pop-up tent for large-scale event coverage. Multi-tent systems combine our modular tents to outfit any event with minimal set-up crew and equipment required.

A row of Mastertent Series 1 20x10 canopy tents arranged in a multi-tent system for outdoor dining. Bordeaux roof and orange corner curtains branded for Delta's Restaurant.

Waterproof Rain Gutters

Weather Protection for Two or More Tents

The Mastertent rain gutter is a flexible, waterproof PVC panel designed to attach between two connected tents, creating a covered passageway. The rain gutter directs rainwater away from the area between the two tents with your choice of one or two outlet spouts. 

Quick to install, the rain gutter connects to the interior of the tent valance with heavy-duty velcro. When the weather turns, our rain gutters can go up and provide waterproof protection from the elements in minutes. 


Connecting Clamps

Strong, Secure Connection

Securely connect multiple Mastertent canopy tents or strongly fasten your tent to another outside object. Our universal connectors easily combine different shapes and thicknesses of tent legs, flag poles, or other vertical elements for a simple, stable, and secure connection. 

Connecting Curtains

Seamless Style and Performance

In addition to our sidewalls that fully enclose the legs of the tent frame, Mastertent connecting curtains attach via velcro from sidewall to sidewall and tent to tent. Stretching between two tents, these fabric panels offer seamless style and performance — eliminating gaps in the design where rain or wind could enter. Our connecting curtains come in 12 standard colors or can be fully printed to match your custom graphics. 

Multi-Tent System Sidewalls

Flexible Styles and Placement 

Our in-house manufacturing lets you mix and match your choice of wall styles—doors, windows, half-heights, counters, and more. Wrap the exterior of your tent to create a fully enclosed large gathering space, or format walls to divide up interior spaces and individual rooms.

Looking for something custom? Our team can create truly unique sidewall solutions to fit your need.

Multi-Tent System FAQs

While there's no exact measurement, setting up a multi-tent system is overall very simple. A single canopy tent can take 30 seconds to a couple of minutes to set up - plus any additional time for walls and accessories. Your multi-tent set-up time will be dictated by the number of tents in your system.

For a sponsor event with Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation, we set up 4 17x17ft Pagoda tents (one of our largest models with a few extra set-up steps). Sped up in the video above, the actual set-up time took 8 minutes.

In general, yes! But, be sure to think about your final presentation.

Our "by 10" tents (10x10, 15x10, and 20x10) have a different height than our "by 13" models (13x13, 20x13, and 26x13) so you may want to match compatible heights depending on your setup plan. 

If you're pairing awning tents, we recommend aligning non-awning sides so the tents can sit flush next to one another.

With endless options to configure, our Products Experts will help you format the best selections for your multi-tent system.

Build Your Tent in Our 3D Design Center

Just like ordering a single tent, we recommend starting by testing your tent design in our 3D Design Center. You'll be able to choose from our full range of tent customizations and options. 

When you finish your first tent, you can choose to add any additional tent setups or leave a note for our Product Experts. 

We'll take it from there and help walk you through each step of the project.

Two lines of nine square, blue Mastertent canopy tents on asphalt seen from above with people and cars crowded around.
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