Heavy Duty Construction Work Tents & Industrial Pop-Up Tent Solutions

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Construction & Industrial Tent Solutions

In the ever-changing landscape of construction, agricultural, and industrial work, the reliability of your equipment is essential. Maximize efficiency with industrial pop-up tents built to perform with robust, aluminum frame construction and weather-ready fabrics that protect your operation.

A high-quality construction tent can take your projects and operations further as you combat sun, wind, rain, and deadlines.

100% Waterproof
Bird's eye view of DeBlois Renovate and Remodel work site, with four Mastertents set up.

One Remodeler’s Must-Have Equipment Isn’t a Tool; It’s a Mastertent

“I don’t know how anyone works without them.”

In the world of home remodeling and construction, the right tools and equipment are crucial for achieving the best results. However, one often overlooked piece of equipment is making a significant difference in how projects are executed: construction tents. 

For Tim DeBlois of DeBlois Renovate & Remodel, Mastertent's high-quality construction pop-up tents have become indispensable to their workflow, transforming outdoor spaces into efficient, weather-resistant work areas. Not just a practical solution, the tents also serve as a mobile advertisement, drawing attention with their custom branding. Learn more about how Mastertent is changing the game for builders and contractors on our blog.

White gazebo 3x2 m for building and construction

Build Your Construction Tent

Outfit your workflow with your choice of 12 tent sizes, tent logo printing, and performance-driven accessories. Then, test your tent in your environment with our Augmented Reality Tool.

Industrial Trade Show & Marketing Tents

Showcase your brand and your equipment to attract more business. 

When it's time to attract new business, engage with your community, or sponsor an event, explore trade show and marketing tents. Built with the same high-quality performance, these tents flex their strength in the power of a first impression and endless customization capabilities. 

Wind-Tunnel Tested for Material Strength

Material Performance Up to 75mph

Mastertent canopy tents are tested for their material strength in a wind tunnel at speeds up to 75mph. This test shows us that our fabrics and frame construction have the strength to withstand those high wind speeds. Wind tunnel conditions are more controlled than the varying wind directions and conditions of real life, and a canopy tent - of any brand - can become a parachute when left unsecured or unattended in the wind.

Our materials are built to withstand high winds, but we always recommend monitoring wind conditions, securing your tent properly, and packing the tents away when conditions turn extreme. For any questions on wind safety protocol or testing, contact a Mastertent Product Expert.

Mastertent canopy tent models have a standard clearance height of 6' 7" or 7' 1", depending on the tent size.* Clearance heights are measured at the base of the tent roof valance, which is the 'skirt' or vertical fabric panel extending down from the peaks of the tent roof. 

Every Mastertent can be extended from 6-36" based on its frame model. With two quality levels, or Series, our top-of-the-line Series 1 tents can extend the full 36", while our streamlined Series 2 tents max at 12" extensions.

For specifications, see our Tent Data Sheets, available in our company Downloads & Catalogs.

* Our "by 10" models (10x10, 15x10, 20x10) have a 6' 7" clearance height, while our "by 13" tents are slightly taller, measuring 7' 1". 

Large Work Tents & Multi-Tent Systems

Equip expansive operations with less time and less crew.

Our largest, singular tent is the 26x13ft. Our professional-grade tents are built for mobility, not only in their set-up but also in their modularity and the ability to create multi-tent systems. With quick folding mechanisms, it's easier and faster to set up a fleet of our heavy-duty pop-up tents compared to more complex pole-and-canvas or similar tent and marquee setups.

Set up independent workstations or connect 2 or 100 tents in multi-tent systems. Accessories like rain gutters, sidewalls, and tent connecting curtains, keep your tent system and your worksite operational when rain hits.

Canopy Tent Printing

Turn your worksite into a marketing tool with printed work tents.

Any Mastertent roof, flag, or sidewall can be printed to your liking. Add a company logo, functional station labels, or full designs. 

Our Product Experts and Design Team will create 2D and 3D mockups of your design for your approval. Just share your logos or request a design template, and we'll take it from there!

Waterproof Canopy Tents

Certified Fabrics and Corrosion-Resistance Frames

While many recreational-grade tents are treated for and use fabrics offering a 'water-resistant' ranking, our professional-grade tents are constructed for a certified, 100% waterproof performance.

Canopy tent fabrics need a water column ranking of at least 1,000mm to be classified as waterproof. Our signature Pirontex® tent fabric tested with a water column of 5,000mm - 5x the industry requirement. 

Our canopy tent frames are built from aluminum rather than the industry standard steel. Aside from the improved construction and frame thickness, the aluminum naturally offers a rust-resistant performance compared to its steel tent counterparts.

Beyond our materials, Mastertents are built with performance in mind. Our rooftops run vertical seams rather than commonly found horizontal stitching. This, along with our roof tensioning measures, helps to prevent water from pooling on the tent roof. Additionally, all fabric seams are treated and sealed for waterproofness, adding an extra layer of protection. 

Industrial Pop-Up Tent FAQs

Standing Up to Worksite Conditions

How Mastertent Sports Tents Outperform the Competition

Love this tent - it's our 2nd one in about 15 yrs. The hardware is perfect still, so we just replaced the tent only. We get so many compliments at boat shows. Thank you for making a solid product we can use for many years to come.

Falcon Marine LLC
Gina McDonald

After sifting through custom canopy companies, we were incredibly surprised at the superior quality that Mastertent has to offer. The Mastertent team were wonderful to work with in regards to helping us design our tents, going out of their way to help us choose the quality of the materials, and flexibile to meet our deadlines. The tents themselves are of the best construction and the color matching is perfect for launching our new brand.

Alex Martin

The ideal tent for any need or event you might have. Easily to install and build, even easier to break down. It's sturdy and on top of all that functions perfectly as well as looks good. Absolutely zero complaints


Paloma Park