Highly Fire-Rated Tents for Professional Use

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Refractory Fabric Tents

Ultimate Safety for Cooking and Work Environments

Introducing our Refractory Fabric Tents, designed to provide the highest level of fire safety for cooking and work environments. Whether you need a tent for a professional kitchen, a worksite, or an outdoor event, our tents offer unparalleled protection against high temperatures and fire hazards.

Our refractory fabric tents are crafted to withstand extremely high temperatures without deformation, making them ideal for environments where fire safety is paramount. Unlike standard fire-retardant materials, our refractory fabric offers superior protection, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Made in Europe

What is a refractory fabric?

High Heat Resistance without Degradation

When exposed to high temperatures or chemicals, refractory materials retain their strength and form. 

  • Extreme Heat Resistance: Our refractory fabric can withstand very high temperatures, making it perfect for cooking and work environments where fire safety is critical.
  • Durability: Unlike standard fire-retardant materials, our refractory fabric does not deform under high heat, ensuring long-lasting protection.
  • Certified Safety: Our tents meet stringent fire safety standards, providing you with the highest level of protection.

Certified Fabric Performance

Our kitchen tent is certified and approved for use as a kitchen shelter at trade fairs and events. The certification is valid for national and international facilities within the EU.

Outdoor Kitchen Tents

Whether for personal or professional use, an outdoor kitchen is always a great way to be in contact with your guests while cooking or to serve outdoor event catering. Your outdoor set up needs to accomodate wind, weather, food safety, and fire safety. With our outdoor BBQ kitchen you will always be protected from the weather since its fabric is completely windproof, waterproof, refractory and protects from UV rays.

Setting up an outdoor kitchen to cater for your guests and to cook outdoors has never been easier and the advantages of using this folding gazebo are countless:

Roof Ventilation Dormers

Improved Air Circulation

Allow hot air to escape efficiently, keeping your interior cool and comfortable. Add dormer vents to your tent roof top with flexible choice of number and placement.

Roll-Up Door Sidewalls

Convenient Entry and Exit

Easily roll up the doors for quick access to your cooking or work area. A roll-up design and upper securing straps keep your door open for steady traffic flow.

Backed by Fire-Retardant Certifications

Classic gazebos are fire retardant, i.e. made of a material that limits combustion, but the Mastertent kitchen tent is refractory, which means that it can withstand even very high temperatures without being deformed.

Customize Your Refractory Tent Fabrics

Spot Logo Printing

Print on your refractory tent fabrics with our spot logo thermal printing method.