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Canopy Tent Solutions

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The Best Medical Tents 

Durable and versatile for when every second counts.

As the marketing leader in quality, we build extremely smart, strong, and stable canopy tents for the medical and safety industry. With a wide range of sizes, wall configurations, and accessories, our mobile gear is highly customizable to fit your needs. 

Whether you're running onsite triage, operating a drive-thru vaccination service, hosting a department fundraiser, or simply looking for reliable protection from sun, wind, and rain, Mastertent is here to help.


Tactical Rescue Tents

On-the-Go Weather Protection for First Responders

Specifically designed for front line, first responder, and civil service operations, our canopy tents leverage quick setup and all-aluminum folding designs for ultimate on-the-go function — 100% waterproof, certified fire-retardant, and wind tunnel tested for strength.

Our Rescue tent line equips weather-tough sidewalls with an extended PVC base and integrated 3-mode doors and windows for ultimate protection. Finish with anti-slip floors that latch into place securing to both the ground and the tent frame.

Rescue Tents

Multi-Tent Systems

Modular, Large Scale Coverage

Shelter at scale with easy-connected tents. Divide into individual patient spaces with interior walls.

Testing Booths

Optimal Prevention & Protection

Our walk-up service tents create a protective barrier between staff and patients, reducing the strain on personal protective equipment. With models for indoor or outdoor use, each testing booth offers an integrated, fully-enclosed cabin with PVC window and arm control openings for effective testing. Pair with easily-attached counters for an easily disinfected work surface. 

Drive-Thru Medical Tents

Fast & Efficient Support

Mobile drive-thru centers allow hospitals and medical facilities to quickly test or service high quantities of patients with minimal contact. While our all-aluminum canopy tents protect from sun, wind, and rain, their heavy-duty construction also lends itself to field operations.

Ready for vehicles with clearance heights ranging from 6'" to 7'1" (depending on tent size), our canopy tents can also be extended up to an additional three feet in height. Divide your drive-thru tent into dual driving lanes or half drive-thru, half workspace with personalized sidewall configurations.

Police & Fire Department Tents

Flexible tent uses for on-site operations, events, and recruiting.

Equip your station, team, or county/state operations with flexible, professional tent solutions for police and fire organizations. Our Rescue tents offer quick, reliable on-site coverage for emergencies, while the same tent could be repurposed for the department fundraiser, employee event, or community outreach.

Medical Inflatables

Adapt on the fly to critical field conditions with quickly deployed inflatable field hospitals. Connect multiple units, control airflow, and more.

Triage Tents

Emergency Response Equipment

Every Mastertent is built with ease of use and durability as top priority. When disaster strikes, triage tents offer immediate, quick-turn solutions that can stand up to the elements. 

First Aid Tents

On-Site Event Safety

Plan for event safety with first aid tent stations. Range sizing from small service tents for quick visits to large multi-tent systems for crowd control at festivals.

Medical & Safety Tent Accessories

Tent Base Weights

Secure your tent with stackable, low-profile base weights. Quick to deploy with an easy interlocking design.

See Tent Securing

Concrete Ballast System

Add intense securing to your tent with mobile, stackable concrete blocks and our 2-in-1 anchoring system.

See Tent Securing

Peak Flags

Utilize peak flags and banners with custom printing for quickly recognizable branding and wayfinding.

See Flags & Banners

Tent Flooring

A textured and absorbent PVC flooring that integrates into the tent structure for environmental control.

See the Rescue Package

On-Site Experiences

Reliability and service - reported from our customers.

We dealt with Mastertent early in the COVID Response to increase our public health response capability to be ready for the drive-thru testing and vaccinations we forecasted in the coming months. Time and time again they worked with us so well to provide product information, wind load rating to support our safety processes, and wonderful customer support to see to our needs in several orders.

Our experience with the company was so amazing that we use the company name for the products as opposed to any generic name. Without our sales rep and his diligence (for the whole company as well), we could not have provided community testing, vaccinations, and provided safe working environments to our staff and those other healthcare partners we worked with in 2020 and on!

Mark Hendrix

We purchased a large custom tent for our Volunteer Fire Department and it turned out fantastic. Great quality. Custom artwork was perfect. Colors were vibrant. Highly Recommended!!!

Nokesville Fire Department
Troy Smith

Mastertent was quick to respond and made the entire process super easy! They were very informative and answered all of my questions. Would love to order from you again in the future!

Kristine Russell