Testing Tents

Reliable and efficient for COVID-19 response

Mastertent products are known for their longevity and craftmanship - high-quality materials and in-house manufacturing. Controlling our own production facilities gave us the flexibility to quickly adapt to the new demands of a COVID-19 world. 

We've turned our attention and resources to finding solutions that better assist those serving on outbreak response teams and providing essential services during this time. 

Our COVID-19 Testing Tents create a protective barrier between staff and patient and reduce the strain on personal protective equipment. Quickly and safely test patients for treatment diagnosis or check employee temperatures for workplace safety. 

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The new Covid-19 Serial-Test-Station

We are not only developing one tent to facilitate the process of a Covid-19 test, but three. Because just as medical tests have evolved, we have constantly adapted our product to the new requirements. 

This is how it works: 

  1. Check-in of the test person and recording of contact data. A slot in the transparent partition wall allows documents to be passed through.
  2. Staff puts a name label on the test tube and on the rapid test.
  3. Handover of the labelled tube to the test person.
  4. Test person goes to the covered patient area, stands within reach of the protective sleeves and hands over the labelled tube to the staff.
  5. The staff takes a sample from the test person and puts it into the tube. Then the staff passes the sample taken through the pass-through into the tent cabin.
  6. The sample is taken out of the pass-through by the staff. 
  7. The sample is passed through a side zipper on the outside of the tent cabin into the separate tent for evaluation.
  8. Completion and evaluation of the rapid test take place in this separate tent.
  9. The test result is entered into the database.

"The new test station makes our day-to-day work a lot easier."

M. Pharm. Markus Siebenförcher

Safe. Efficient. Innovative.

Mobile solutions for optimal COVID-19 prevention and protection.

Utilizing a protective testing tent, equipped with front shield and arm controls, allows medical professionals to work smart and focus their PPE resources. Utilize only disposable gloves and medical protective masks for quick and efficient exterior turnover so that protective suits can be saved for patient handling. Under the protection of a mobile testing tent, staff members can:

  • Measure temperatures to test for fever
  • Test patients for COVID-19 positivity
  • Carry out antibody checks

These tents can be set up both indoors and out for optimal traffic flow.

Quickly set up your protective tents at hospital entrances in minutes, free from the need of tools or special permits or authorizations. Our products are built to save you time and energy with their impeccable craftmanship, reliability, and ease of use allowing your focus to remain on patient care. Any Questions? Contact our team!

Protective tents quickly deploy in minutes without special licenses, tools or trained staff. By placing these mobile structures at entrances of businesses, transportation stations, or any service that has visitors interact, personnel can efficiently and safely handle screening or customer service activities. The protective tent creates a barrier between personnel and visitors, where only disposable gloves and medical masks are needed to conduct temperature checks. Talk to a specialist. Contact us!

Testing Tent Construction

We took our classic tent design and outfitted it with all the necessary gear and equipment for optimal protection and functionality.

Our enclosed COVID-19 Testing Tents come in 5x5ft and 10x5ft options with additional sizes available by request. Each tent is consists of:

  • All-aluminum tent frame with octagon legs - strong and sturdy
  • Indoor or outdoor roof options: venting indoor roof or waterproof Oxford poly for outdoor applications
  • Full-enclosure sidewalls for complete perimeter securing
  • Rear access, roll-up, zippered door with integrated venting insect net
  • Transparent PVC protection shield with arm controls incorporated
  • Composite patient counter on the exterior
  • Anti-slip floor system for interior
  • Optional securing equipment: heavy-duty ground anchors or low-profile base weights

Corona tests, antibody checks, fever measurements and more without extensive PPE usage!

Mastertent Quality

Industry-leading craftmanship driven by passion to help.

We work tirelessly to build the very best products so that you can perform your best in all mobile applications - particularly now as we are all displaced from our normal routines. We're here to help:

  • Our in-house manufacturing allows us to individually address and create custom mobile solutions. Please contact us if you have special requests.
  • Our products are known for being quality and user-friendly - easy tool-free set-up, compact transportation size, and top of the line weather performance: waterproof, fire-retardant, and UV protected.
  • We promise to always support our customers. We've spent the last 30 years loving what we do and we'll be here for years to come. You can rely on our innovative, patented products, industry expertise, and lifetime customer care. 
  • Our products are built to last. We stand behind them with our Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty,  Lifetime Corrosion Warranty, and 10-Year Spare Part Availability Guarantee.
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