Medical &
Healthcare Solutions

Thank you to our medical professionals for your tireless work and outstanding service.

Thank you for keeping our world running despite overwhelming obstacles, thank you for your endurance, and thank you for your sacrifice for our communities.

Mastertent products are produced entirely in-house. Controlling our own production facilities gave us the flexibility to quickly adapt to the new demands of a COVID-19 world and offer better solutions to our customers.

We pride ourselves on providing innovative, consultative solutions for mobile application needs, and our current global climate is no exception.

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COVID-19 Testing Cabin

Smart solutions to maximize PPE resources!

Our waterproof testing tents utilize an integrated protective PVC shield and arm controls that allow medical professionals to efficiently test patients with a reduced need for personal protective equipment. Maintain safety standards without the need to burn through protective suits. Nevertheless, the person performing the tests is always required to wear disposable gloves and a medical protective mask.

  • Temperature checks
  • COVID-19 screening
  • Anti-body testing

Testing stations can be set-up both indoors and outdoors with secure and reliable coverage. Available in 5x5ft and 10x5ft options, plus additional sizes available by request.

Drive-Thru Testing Tents

A key priority in the battle against COVID-19 is the practice of constant and thorough testing for as many people as possible in the shortest possible time. 

Mobile drive-thru testing centers allow hospital facilities and staff to quickly test high quantities of patients with minimal contact so that our everyday, medical heroes can do more.

The compact size and easy transport of our mobile canopy tents enable hospitals to quickly set up testing stations in nearly any location without pulling additional personnel from patient care or needing to hire set-up crews. Mastertent tents are ready for use in minutes with no tools or technical experience required. 

During drive-thru testing keep equipment and people safe with high-quality tents that are built to withstand the weather. Safety is more than PPE, it's a strong waterproof tent that has been wind tunnel tested to +75mph. 

Contact us if your organization needs COVID-19 Drive-Thru Testing Solutions. We're all in this together!

Protective Private Rooms

Indoor separation during patient handling is key with COVID-19. The practice of shielding the healthy and isolating the sick has become a daily battle for our medical professionals. However, hospitals and clinics run short of the appropriate space to handle these issues.

Our public services are also challenged with assisting the homeless while emergency management teams are responding quickly to disaster victims. 

Our canopy tents, adapted for indoor use with dividing walls and privacy curtains, are perfect for these situation. Fast and easy to set up, completely flexible to move and position, giving privacy for medical treatment or family space. Whether in conference center, gymnasiums or common spaces of hospitals - quickly and efficiently create separate rooms for those in need.

For standard indoor use, these protective private rooms are equipped with venting roofs for climate control. However, if needed we can modify the mobile room to handle negative air pressure and HEPA filtration systems - full enclosures, magnetic door closures and more.

Contact us if your organization needs Mobile Indoor Rooms for patient care, homeless assistance or disaster recovery. We're all in this together!

Mobile Visitor Center

Simple, mobile protection for visiting loved ones.

Over the past weeks in the interest of safety, retirement homes and senior living communities have shut their doors to visitors and limited staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Families and those wishing to visit have turned to creative ways to stay in contact with their relatives and friends. 

A mobile visitor center can be set up in just a few minutes at the doorway of a senior, retirement or nursing facility. This mobile tent contains a central, transparent protective wall. The partition wall divides the tent into two sections while completely enclosing one side from the other - allowing for safe and contact-free conversations between visitors and residents.

Compact for Travel

Flexible and Customizable

With a dependable design, our tents are highly versatile and can be used by any industry for their mobile solution needs.

Our tents are built to be incredibly easy to use with a simple, mobile construction that can be easily customized to meet specific needs and applications. 

Through research and collaborations with medical professionals, we've quickly learned about the preferred and necessary tent applications in our current climate.