Corona test cabin at the entrance. The woman is standing in front of it and getting herself tested.
Safety in daily life
We decided to fight COVID-19! How about you?
The employee inside the tent performs a smear test on the woman in front of it. He wears a mouth guard and gloves.
At the drive-in test station, the hospital employee is taking a smear test on the woman in the car.

Solutions for the
Health Care Sector

Smart solutions for our Covid-19 heroes.

Medical staff are undoubtedly particularly at risk of contracting the coronavirus, because it is almost impossible to maintain the safety distance in daily work with patients.

It was our special concern to find solutions that can support  all our COVID-19 heroes in their daily work.

In fact, we have come up with some innovative solutions that will make your everyday life a little easier!

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Corona Test Cabin

The newly designed tent cabin is a small revolution in the current and ongoing Corona testing process. 

Protected in a waterproof tent cabin with integrated protective sleeves, medical staff or hospital personnel can work without their uncomfortable protective suits and comfortably perform indoors as well as outdoors:

  • fever measurements,
  • Corona smear tests,
  • antibody checks.

Thus, all patients and visitors can be quickly checked for increased temperature, tested for a possible infection or checked for antibodies before entering the building by making smear tests from the mouth, nose or throat area. 

This way, the personnel carrying out the tests do not have to wear uncomfortable protective equipment, but are optimally protected against Corona infections in their tent cabins. 

The person performing the tests is always required to wear disposable gloves and a medical protective mask.

The tent cabin is available in the standard sizes 1.5x1.5m and 1.5x3m. Please contact us for further sizes.

In detail the view of the disinfection tunnel from inside. All persons are disinfected from head to toe before entering the building.

Disinfection Tunnels

Hygiene standards are now as high as never before. 

We must continue to act responsibly and do everything possible to prevent the virus from further spreading. For this reason, large-scale disinfection activities have been carried out in public places, streets and public facilities already since the outbreak of COVID-19. 

Hygiene standards are particularly high in hospitals. To further reduce the risk of infection, so-called disinfection tunnels can be built up right in front of the entrance area. 

Our gazebo in the special size 1,5x4,5 m with integrated dormer is hereby used to create a protected space outdoors, where people can be disinfected from head to toe.

A nozzle system is integrated into the tent legs, whereby the disinfectant is dispersed into a fine mist of water, which ultimately covers all kinds of surfaces such as clothing, shoes, bags, etc.

The black car drives to the drive-in test station. The drive-in test station is in a parking lot.

Drive-In Test Centre

In the fight against COVID-19, the most important thing is still to test as many people as possible in the shortest possible time. 

Since the persons to be tested should have as little contact as possible with hospital staff, hospital facilities and other patients before and during the smear tests, mobile drive-in test stations / drive-through test centres are currently being installed across the country

The compact packing sizes and easy transport of our gazebos enable helpers to set up such test stations quickly and at almost any location. Of course, also the simple set-up is very convenient for the assistants, no skilled manpower, no tools or technical knowledge is needed - the gaezbo is ready for use within a few moments - and this, due to the corresponding regulations, without any special approvals.

Complete solution:
Gazebo 6x4 m, with 2 closed side walls, 1 side wall with door, 1 side wall half height.

The mobile visitor centre from inside. This means that visits to the old people's home are allowed again.

Mobile Visitor Centre

Visits to retirement homes can finally be allowed again. 

As a tent-manufacturer, we have developed a solution that makes visits to old people's homes possible again. 

For not giving the virus any chance, a mobile visitor centre can be set up in just a few minutes in front of the old people's home. Thereby a gazebo 4x2 m with a central, transparent protective wall is set up. The partition wall divides the tent into two sections and thus allows the safe and contactless meeting between visitors and residents.

Complete Solution: 

4x2 m aluminium frame, tent roof, 1 side wall 6m with window, 2 closed side walls 2m

Mobile patient rooms for protection and separation.

Mobile Patient Rooms

Protect the healthy, isolate the infected. Bottleneck in the ER? Or create emergency shelters for the homeless or people in need? 

With our new tent construction, which can be flexibly positioned, you can easily create separate spaces. Whether in exhibition halls, gyms or hospitals - there is no faster way to create separate rooms for people in need. As a place to sleep or patient room - the fields of use are manifold.

The "patient room" is covered at the top with a fly net. It consists of a side wall that stretches over 3 sides. The fourth, short side is equipped with a curtain, which makes the room flexible to use. 

Complete solution:

Foldable tent 2,3x3,45 m, with 1 closed sidewall around 3 sides, 1 sidewall as a curtain solution, a fly net as roof cover.

Kit-Rescue special tent in red and white with side walls and floor

Kit Rescue & Kit Rescue Light

The Kit Rescue was developed in cooperation with rescue organisations. New is the product line Kit Rescue Light, which is a simplified version of it.

The Kit Rescue is the most comprehensive safety package you can imagine. Intelligent sidewall systems make the tent flexible to use. The Kit includes a non-slip floor and 4 special side walls with integrated doors, windows, fly nets and a PVC ground extension. Optionally, an interior tent can be added for pleasant room temperatures.

The Kit Rescue Light is a simplified version of our existing Kit Rescue. With some sophisticated approaches we managed to reduce both lead time and the price of the Kit Rescue Light to a minimum.

Pack Size

Decide for Yourself!

Our gazebos are currently used in very diverse ways in different situations. Thanks to the mobile construction method, our gazebos can be entirely individualised  to meet your needs. 

From our customers in the health sector, we have learnt that our gazebos  are currently used particularly as

  • Triage tents in front of hospitals
  • Quarantine tents to protect healthy and isolate infected people 
  • Storage tents to temporarily stock protective clothing etc.
  • Waiting rooms in front of checkpoints
  • Corridors at hospital entries
  • Sleeping and/or patient rooms

For which purpose do you need a room solution?