Corona test cabin at the entrance. The woman is standing in front of it and getting herself tested.
Safety in daily life
We decided to fight COVID-19! How about you?


Our commitment to an optimal prevention against the Covid-19 Virus

As a European manufacturer of folding gazebos, we are particularly flexible thanks to our own production and were thus able to adapt our products quickly to the new requirements of the market.

Within a very short period of time we could develop new, innovative products that contain the spread of the corona virus and contribute to long-term prevention. The following new products are already part of our standard range: COVID-19 test cabins for indoor & outdoor use, disinfection tunnelDrive-in test station, Goods receiving department, mobile partition for more protection in gastronomy, Pick-up station for retailers.

Find out everything about our new products on this page and on the other detail pages. Or contact our experts directly!

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Disinfection tunnel in front of the entrace of a trade show

Solutions for the Business Sector

Today companies bear a great responsibility towards their employees. Of course, nobody wishes to have a Corona infected person in their organisation. Are you wondering how to protect your employees and the enterprise itself? How about a fever measuring station at the entrance to your office building? Or a disinfection cabin where every person is sanitised down to the sole of their shoes before entering the facility?

The man is standing in front of the goods receiving station. The employee is in the gazebo.

Are you wondering how to protect your employees and the entire company?

We have smart solutions for your individual needs.

Corona tests, antibody checks, fever measurements - all this without a protective suit!

View the new COVID-19-test-cabin

The employee inside the tent performs a smear test on the woman in front of it. He wears a mouth guard and gloves.

Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

Efficient and quick solutions are needed to counter the risk of infection. After all, every day, every second counts in the fight against the Corona virus.  Are you looking for an efficient solution to facilitate corona testing?

In detail the view of the disinfection tunnel from inside. All persons are disinfected from head to toe before entering the building.
Mobile patient rooms for protection and separation.

Reusable Protective Masks

As a European tent-manufacturer we have not only developed numerous new tent solutions but also our own, reusable protective masks, which are now produced in our in-house sewing department.

With different fabric colours as well as a particularly elastic fabric, we have the right model for everyone! We produce them for both children and adults. So you don't have to worry about the fabric mask slipping away or a restricted view. A high level of wearing comfort is guaranteed!

The fabric masks are not FFP2 or FFP3 certified and therefore not suitable for medical or surgical use.

Man with a withe mask from the side.
Woman with a withe mask.