A man is just about to enter the blue disinfection tunnel, which is already ready to spray the man from head to toe and thus disinfect him. The disinfection tunnel is next to a grey building.
There is a blue disinfection tunnel in front of a building. The person is just about to walk through it so that he is disinfected from head to toe and thus protected.


Hygiene standards are higher than ever before. Disinfection procedures influence our everyday life.

Step by step society is finding its way back to normal life in almost all countries. Companies have resumed their activities, children are allowed to go back to school, retail and catering is slowly but surely finding its way back into everyday life with COVD-19. 

However, all this will only succeed if strict safety regulations and high hygiene standards are respected. 

A unique, highly professional product innovation was developed to ensure the way back into a "new, safe normality".

Within a very short time, we managed to develop a disinfection tunnel for the overall disinfection of persons and objects.

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The spray system in the blue disinfection tunnel is shown. You can see exactly from where the disinfectant is sprayed. Thus, all persons are disinfected from head to toe and are thus protected.
Disinfection from Head to Toe Through the Tent Tunnel

Safe disinfection of people and objects.

The disinfection tunnel is kind of an open-air spray shower for head-to-toe disinfection. What exactly is meant by this is explained below.

The disinfection tunnel is a special construction consisting of an aluminium structure with roof and sidewalls, which is equipped with a nozzle system. The stainless steel nozzle line is connected to an external pumping station, which directs the disinfectant into the individual nozzles. These ensure the dispersion of the disinfectant into many tiny particles, which form a very fine mist that settles on all surfaces such as clothing, shoes or other objects in the tunnel. 

Thanks to the very low sedimentation speed (= sinking or settling velocity) of the mist, the many tiny droplets also reach very hidden niches. Besides, it ensures that there is no feeling of humidity. Similarly, the disinfectant leaves no traces on the leather of the bags or the fabrics of the clothing.

Hence, people in the disinfection tunnel are disinfected completely from head to toe. This reliably eliminates any bacteria, viruses or fungi that stick to clothing, shoes, bags or other objects.

As with all Mastertent products, the tunnel is set up quickly and without tools.

The pump station of the disinfection tunnel is shown. From there the disinfectant is pumped into the spray system of the tunnel. Thus, the persons passing through the tunnel are disinfected from head to toe.
What are the Components of the Disinfection Tunnel?

The disinfection tunnel essentialy consists of an aluminium frame, a tent roof and two sidewalls, a nozzle line, a container for the disinfectant and an external pump which delivers the disinfectant to the nozzle line.

Components in detail:

  • Aluminium frame 1,5x4,5 m with 8 legs and a passage height of 2,20 m
  • Roof Oxford 500D 1,5x4,5 m with 4 dormers (in the middle on each side of the roof)
  • 2 Oxford 500D sidewalls of 4.5 m each 
  • 8 galvanised base plates
  • LED lighting
  • Rubber floor 1,5x4,5 m
  • Stainless steel nozzle line

The external pump system in aluminium is composed of: 

  • Switch cabinet with light barrier and time relay 
  • High pressure pump (70 bar), water capacity 0,5 l/min 
  • Automatic dosing pump 
  • Holder for the disinfectant container 
  • Water filter

The disinfection concentrate exclusively developed for the tunnel is not included in the complete package of the disinfection tunnel. 

In detail the 3D view of the disinfection tunnel. All persons are thus disinfected from head to toe before entering the building.
Made in Europe
Simply Sophisticated, Simply Better

Why you should decide for a disinfection tunnel from Mastertent? We offer six unbeatable reasons that make our highly professional disinfection tunnel unique:

  1. Lowest power consumption. The tunnel requires just 1kW of electricity, which is less than a hairdryer. 
  2. Lowest water and disinfectant consumption. With a 10l canister of disinfectant concentrate, up to 11.000 disinfection processes can be carried out. At the same time, the water loss during the process is significantly lower than with other models. 
  3. 100% harmless disinfectant. The mixture of concentrate and water has a pH-value of 7. The pH-value of clean drinking water is between 7 and 8.5. 
  4. Ingenious high-pressure pump. With 70bar it generates considerably more pressure than the common 2-3bar high-pressure pumps on the market. As a result, much smaller droplets and finer mist are made, which can disinfect a larger area in less time.
  5. Maintenance without an expert. The individual nozzles can be easily unscrewed, cleaned or replaced by hand. 
  6. Designed to last. The pump is specially designed for a continuous cycle.  Besides, the disinfectant is mixed only inside the pump and therefore lasts longer. 


Personalise your disinfection tunnel with your own logo print!

Application areas & personalisation

The disinfection tunnel is a preventive mechanism against the re-spread of the Coronavirus.

It is suitable wherever large crowds of people meet or frequent party traffic arises. However, the tunnel is equally used in both the private and public sector where goods or employees are disinfected in the tunnel.

Just like all Mastertent products, the disinfection tunnel is quickly set up at the entrance to the building without any tools. 

The disinfection tunnel can be personalised with your logo or fully printed, exactly like all our tent fabrics.

Fields of application: 

  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping centres
  • Hospitals
  • Goods receiving station of companies
  • Hotels

This way all persons are disinfected from head to toe before entering the building. This safely eliminates any viruses, bacteria and fungi that may stick to clothing, shoes or bags.


Innovative, unique, efficient. With a rest efficiency of up to 18 hours.

We are working with a new and innovative disinfection-concentrate. The product is 100% harmless to humans, animals and the environment, but kills viruses, bacteria and fungi quickly and efficiently. In addition, it is effective for up to 18 hours.

The solution is based on silver ions (electrolytically generated and stabilised in citric acid) with high bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties with a remarkably high residual efficiency of up to 18 hours. Furthermore the solution is hydrous, odourless and colourless, bio-compatible, ready to use and last but not least non-toxic. The disinfectant-concentrate must be mixed in a ratio of 1 to 150 for proper use. Due to the small amount of liquid there is no feeling of moisture on skin or clothing. Even leather and fabrics are not damaged by the disinfectant concentrate. 

The product is approved for all European countries, CE certified and has already been tested on Coronavirus.

Mastertent product benefits

Benefit from numerous advantages when buying our products. 

  1. As a tent-manufacturer we are able to address individual customer wishes. Contact our experts, together we will find the right solution for you.
  2. Product USPs such as tool-free assembly in just a few minutes, compact pack sizes, weather resistance and simple transport also apply to the disinfection tunnel. 
  3. Product durability and stability are guaranteed. Almost 30 years of experience in tent production and numerous patents are evidence of this.
  4. Generous warranties, such as a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on material and production defects of the aluminium frame and a lifetime warranty against corrosion are included.
  5. 10-year availability of all spare parts for the aluminium frame.
  6. Since we produce and assemble all individual parts ourselves, we convince with short delivery times.
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