There is a blue disinfection tunnel in front of a building. The person is just about to walk through it so that he is disinfected from head to toe and thus protected.
Dividing wall stands between the tables in the guest garden. The couple is sitting at a set table. Behind it you can see a printed partition wall.

Solutions for
business people

Are you looking for ways to protect your employees and your company from the circulating Corona virus?

Since we are an European tent manufacturer with our own production facilities, we are particularly flexible and can quickly adapt to new requirements in this severe Corona crisis.

Instead of producing gazebos for events, we currently focus on producing Corona test stations, mobile partitions for restaurants or pick-up service stations.

These new products could also make your daily work easier and protect your employees, visitors, customers, suppliers and ultimately the entire company.

Read all details of our new tent concepts here. 

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Mobile Partitions for Maximum Protection in Gastronomy

Strict hygiene standards are still in place and preventive measures are still the most helpful tool against Covid-19.

To protect your guests as well as your employees we recommend installing mobile partition systems in your restaurant or bar area

How does it work?

The mobile partition consists of two aluminium poles and a fabric panel, which is fixed to the poles and thus provides the necessary protection between two tables. The mobile partition walls can be modularly extended. The arrangement of the partitions can thus be flexibly organised according to your room conditions. Corner or niche solutions and connected partitions are possible.

The colour of the poles can be chosen from our 3 standard colours black, ecru and white whilst the fabric panel can be printed individually. Alternatively, the fabric panel can also be replaced by transparent PVC. Thus the protective separation system can be individually adapted to your ambience.


  • Pole height: 1.80 m / 1.50 m / 1.35 m / 1.05 m
  • Fabric panel: 1.73x1.27 m / 1.73x0.9 m 

Further sizes are available on request.

Are you a beverage supplier? Use the mobile partition for your advertising!

A man stands in the disinfection tunnel and is disinfected from head to toe, as well as his black backpack which he has sprayed extra.

Disinfection Tunnel

Hygiene standards are now as high as never before. 

We must continue to act responsibly and do everything possible to prevent the virus from further spreading. For this reason, large-scale disinfection activities have been carried out in public places, streets and public facilities already since the outbreak of COVID-19. 

To additionally decrease the risk of infection, so-called disinfection tunnels can be installed at the entrance area of your hotel, supermarket or company building.

Our gazebo in the special size 1,5x4,5 m with integrated dormer is hereby used to create a protected space outdoors, where people can be disinfected from head to toe.

A nozzle system is integrated into the tent legs, whereby the disinfectant is dispersed into a fine mist of water, which ultimately covers all kinds of surfaces such as clothing, shoes, bags, etc.

Before entering factory halls, sports facilities, shopping centres or airports, several people can be sanitised simultaneously.

Preventive Fever Detection

With the newly developed tent cabins, we have accomplished a small revolution in the current Corona crisis, which is prognosed to still last for an undetermined period of time.

Thanks to all-round protection by sidewalls including integrated protective sleeves, these tent cabins make the work of hospital staff in the medical sector considerably easier, as they can take smear tests from patients without having to wear protective suits.

However, to protect your employees and customers as an employer and to prevent unnoticed infected employees or hotel guests from entering the building, it is recommended to check all persons for an increased body temperature before stepping into the building.

The personnel carrying out the tests do not have to wear uncomfortable protective suits. Nevertheless, they are required to wear disposable gloves and a medical protective mask.

The tent cabin is available in the standard sizes 1.5x1.5m and 1.5x3m. Feel free to contact us for other sizes.

The child is wearing a protective mask.
Man with a withe mask.
Woman sewing white cloth mask.

Reusable Masks

As a European tent-manufacturer we have not only developed numerous new tent solutions but also our own, reusable protective masks, which are now produced in our in-house sewing department.

With different fabric colours as well as a particularly elastic fabric, we have the right model for everyone! We produce them for both children and adults. So you don't have to worry about the fabric mask slipping away or a restricted view. A high level of wearing comfort is guaranteed!

The fabric masks are not FFP2 or FFP3 certified and therefore not suitable for medical or surgical use.

Receive your Goods in a Secure Manner!

For maximum safety for all warehouse workers and logistics agents.

Since the outbreak of the lung disease, freight carriers have not had an easy job. When the goods are unloaded at their destination, it is usually not allowed to enter the company building.

With our mobile goods receiving station, we enable contactless and secure exchange between freight carrier and employee. The delivery notes can be conveniently signed on the counter and received by the warehouse employee through a closed wall.

Warehouse staff and drivers are thus protected against infection. Goods can be received safely.

The mobile visitor centre from inside. This means that visits to the old people's home are allowed again.

Mobile Visitor Center

Visits to retirement homes can finally be allowed again. 

As a tent-manufacturer, we have developed a solution that makes visits to old people's homes possible again.

For not giving the virus any chance, a mobile visitor centre can be set up in just a few minutes in front of the old people's home. Thereby a gazebo 4x2 m with a central, transparent protective wall is set up. The partition wall divides the tent into two sections and thus allows the safe and contactless meeting between visitors and residents.

Complete Solution: 

4x2 m aluminium frame, tent roof, 1 side wall 6m with window, 2 closed side walls 2m

Pick-Up Service for Retailers

Increasingly, retailers are switching to a digital or telephone ordering service. 

However, in most cases there is a lack of personnel to deliver the essential products to everyone. That's why especially grocery stores start relying on the so-called "Curbside Pickup" service. Customers order their goods online and pick them up individually from the selected shops

Since the necessary space for such a collection service is usually not available in the shop itself, more and more supermarkets are opting for outdoor space solutions

Our flexible tent configuration options offer the right solution for every local condition. Of course, the simple and quick assembly is very helpful, as no specialist staff or tools are required to set up the gazebo including sidewalls. Moreover, no special permits are required for this outdoor space solution, as it is not considered to be a traditional construction project.

At the same time employees and customers are protected, since fewer people enter the supermarket. 

Imprint your gazebo with your logo or its designated purpose. This way you will be easily visible to your customers!

Print your gazebo with your logo or the intended use. Thus you are easily visible for your customers!

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