The woman is in front of the Covid-19 test cabin. She is being given a fever or a smear test.
The employee inside the tent performs a smear test on the woman in front of it. He wears a mouth guard and gloves.
Corona test cabin at the entrance. The woman is standing in front of it and getting herself tested.
Safety in daily life
We decided to fight COVID-19! How about you?

Test Cabin 

Our contribution to an optimal prevention against the Covid-19 virus.

As a European manufacturer of folding gazebos, we are particularly flexible thanks to our own production and were thus able to adapt our products quickly to the new requirements of the market.

Within a fairly short time we managed to develop a Corona test cabin that allows testing without additional protective suit. Moreover, it enables measuring peoples' increased body temperature before they are permitted to enter a building. Thus infected persons can be identified prior to entering the building.

The company has received a CE marking for the new product as protective equipment that meets all applicable requirements of the PPE regulation 2016/425/EU.


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The new Covid-19 Serial-Test-Station

We are not only developing one tent to facilitate the process of a Covid-19 test, but three. Because just as medical tests have evolved, we have constantly adapted our product to the new requirements. 

This is how it works: 

  1. Check-in of the test person and recording of contact data. A slot in the transparent partition wall allows documents to be passed through.
  2. Staff puts a name label on the test tube and on the rapid test.
  3. Handover of the labelled tube to the test person.
  4. Test person goes to the covered patient area, stands within reach of the protective sleeves and hands over the labelled tube to the staff.
  5. The staff takes a sample from the test person and puts it into the tube. Then the staff passes the sample taken through the pass-through into the tent cabin.
  6. The sample is taken out of the pass-through by the staff. 
  7. The sample is passed through a side zipper on the outside of the tent cabin into the separate tent for evaluation.
  8. Completion and evaluation of the rapid test take place in this separate tent.
  9. The test result is entered into the database.

"The new test station makes our day-to-day work a lot easier."

M. Pharm. Markus Siebenförcher

Innovative. Efficient. Safe.

The newly developed tent cabin is a small revolution in the current and still lasting Corona testing phase.

Protected in a waterproof tent cabin with integrated protective sleeves, so that a protective suit is no longer necessary, a person can

  • take fever measurements 
  • perform Corona tests
  • carry out antibody checks

...inside buildings as well as outdoors

The person performing the tests is always required to wear disposable gloves and a medical protective mask.

The protective tent can be set up within a few minutes right at the entrance of hospitals without any special authorisations. This means that all patients and visitors can be quickly checked for elevated temperature prior entering the building. Also checking for antibodies or possible Corona infections by making smear tests from mouth, nose or throat area, is possible. Ask our experts your questions.

The protective tent can be sset up in a few minutes and without any special licences in front of company entrances, shopping centres, at railway stations or airports. Thus, all employees and visitors can be checked quickly for elevated body-temperature before entering a buildingAny concerns? Ask our experts now!

What are the Components of the Corona Test Tent?

Thanks to our technical wizards, we are glad to present another innovative Mastertent  product. 

The Corona Test Tent is a waterproof tent cabin composed of the following elements:

  • It's available in the sizes 1,5x1,5 m and 3x1,5 m with flat or pointed roof. Other sizes can be manufactured upon request.
  • Tent roof made of Oxford 250D. 
  • Sturdy aluminium frame with octagonal profiles.
  • Sidewall all-round the tent, with integrated roll-up door that opens with zippers, additionally equipped with a fly net for improved air circulation.
  • Window front made of transparent PVC with integrated protective sleeves and a pass-through for passing on the samples taken >> To the video
  • Counter as storage possibility for various objects.
  • Included tent floor attached to the side walls.
  • Shorty set for the immediate evaluation of rapid tests in the test cabin.
  • 4 base plates for outdoor fastening.

The tent cabin has received CE marking as protective equipment, which allows testing without a protective suit. 

The 2 men are currently assembling the counter at the Covid-19 test cabin.

Corona tests, antibody checks, fever measurements - all this without a protective suit!

Mastertent Product Benefits

Enjoy the following great advantages when purchasing our products.

What happens next? How will all our daily lives change when hotels, restaurants and shopping centres reopen?

  1. As a tent-manufacturer we are able to address individual customer wishes. Contact our experts, together we will find the right solution for you.
  2. Product USPs such as assembly in just a few minutes, tool-free installation, compact pack sizes, weather resistance, simple transport and flexible expandability are also apply to the Corona Protection Tent. 
  3. Product durability and stability are guaranteed. Almost 30 years of experience in tent production and numerous patents are evidence of this.
  4. Generous warranties, such as a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on material and production defects of the aluminium frame and a lifetime warranty against corrosion are included.
  5. 10-year availability of all spare parts for the aluminium frame.
  6. Since we produce and assemble all individual parts ourselves, we convince with short delivery times.
  7. The company has received a CE marking for the new product as protective equipment that meets all applicable requirements of the PPE regulation 2016/425/EU
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