Pre-Triage Tent with a yellow roof in front of the private clinic Brixana.
Pre-Triage Tent with a yellow roof in front of the private clinic Brixana.

Triage and
Pre-Triage Tents 

...outside hospitals, as mobile quarantine tents or corona test stations.

The "Kit Rescue", developed particularly for emergencies, currently performs a very particular role in the fight against COVID-19. Read how triage tents are used, which features of the Kit Rescue are decisive and how we as a tent manufacturer can guarantee the shortest possible delivery times. 

The Triage Tent for Containing COVID-19

Triage tents are utilized for the preliminary screening of patients. According to the doctor Marc Kaufmann, this aims to ensure that "hospitals stay as free as possible from coronavirus". Triage tents are placed directly in front of hospitals. All arriving patients are registered and examined in the triage tents. Potential corona patients are then transferred to specially prepared hospital facilities. Patients who are not presumed to have COVID-19 will be directed to the first aid department.

In this way, triage tents can be used to prevent infected persons from entering the hospital unsupervised.

The Red Cross staff carries the corona patient to the rescue tent. The Rescue Kit tent is white.
Italy: Pre-Triage tent in use
Hospitals in Italy are already equipped with our pre-triage tents

Kit Rescue Benefits

Functional. Safe. Ready for use. The following features of the Kit Rescue are key for the corona crisis

  • Intelligent side walls create an all-round protection. Windows, door, fly net and an opaque cover allow flexibility. 
  • Interior tents can be additionally installed to maintain balanced temperatures. It is warmer inside the tent than outside. A huge advantage for patients and especially for hospital staff who work for hours in the triage tents. 
The employee is sitting with her head set in front of the computer while speaking to a client at the phone.
Prices? More details? Ask for it! 
How much does a Pre-Triage tent cost? How do we realize your individual visions and are there any special promotions... Just ask the experienced tent manufacturer. 
Get the expert opinion for free
Get the expert opinion for free
  • Decontamination cabins are made optionally upon request. They are produced of easy-care, non absorbent Polyester. With their non-slip floor they create a secure interior unit inside the tent. Thus, they are crucial to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the triage tents.

The waterproof Kit-Rescue not only withstands long periods of use as a triage tent in front of hospitals, but also convinces with its character as a foldable tent. Thanks to its small packing dimensions, light weight and quick assembly, it can as well be used as a mobile quarantine tent or corona test station

The firemen are carrying the injured person to the rescue tent. The rescue tent has a red roof and grey side walls.
Kit Rescue vs Kit Rescue Light
...for faster lead times and smaller prics.
We reacted to the Corona Crises and invented the new Kit Rescue Light. View the Kit Rescue Comparison
View the Kit Rescue Comparison

Shortest Delivery Times - Directly from the Manufacturer

Containing the spread of COVID-19 is a race against time - flattening the curve is the goal. We at Mastertent know that too. That is why we guarantee the shortest possible lead times. 

How can we promise fast delivery in times of uncertainty? 

Our entire production is located within Europe - so we are not dependent on deliveries outside the European Union. We are currently working in shifts to prevent possible breakdowns due to illness. Even weekend shifts are no barrier to us in the race against Corona. For instance, on Saturday we delivered three tents for the Red Cross.In particular, our bestselling Kit Rescue 4.5x3 m, 6x3 m and 8x4 m tents are produced in record times.

Let us all work together to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Please contact us for more information.

Technischer Leiter Georg Silgoner
Author: Georg Silgoner, Production
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