The modern Lago beer tent set is located on the terrace in front of a lake. The beer tent set is decorated with flower vases and a latern.

Beer Garden Set
in Solid Wood

Timeless elegance.

Our beer garden sets are not only useful, but also comfortable, easy to handle. Thanks to the folding technology, they are suitable for every occasion. The colour and style don’t match your location? Are you looking for a particularly elegant table and bench set with the functionality of a classic beer garden set?

If so, our Lagoset is your perfect solution. The set impresses with its timeless and classic design.

Best Quality Down to the Smallest Detail

The “Lago” foldable set is made of solid oak wood. The surface is oiled to keep the wood elastic and make it last longer. The use of high-quality materials and precise manufacturing ensures resistance and durability. The benches are available with or without backrest. The simple disassembly of the backrest allows the set to be stored in a space-saving manner.

Beer tent set in solid wood consisting of a table, a bench with backrest and a bench without backrest.
Special sets
In addition to our classic beer table sets, we offer a wide range of other foldable sets to meet our customer’s needs. View our special sets
View our special sets

Lago - Class, quality and functionality combined in one set

The dimensions of the “Lago” set are the following:

Table length: 200 cm
Table width: 67 cm
Table height: 76 cm

Bench length: 200 cm
Bench width: 33 cm
Bench height: 46 cm

Author: Judith Piazza, Marketing
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