The beer tent set is decorated with white-green flower bouquets. The table and bench set is located n front of a grapevine. 4 people, including two couples, are sitting on the benches while toasting with wine glasses.
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Table and Bench Sets

Convenient, durable, versatile and elegant.

Whenever parties last longer, high-quality and stability of your products are required. Mastertent's table and bench sets have proven to withstand overcrowded events without any problems. They do not only meet standard table and bench set requirements in terms of stability and functionality, but even meet the high Munich Oktoberfest standards. That’s why Oktoberfest landlords have been trusting Mastertent for years. In addition to our custom-made products, the organisers rely on our standard model with or without backrest and more legroom.

Whether at Europe's largest folk festival, a club party, a beer garden or a private barbecue - our table and bench sets are always a hit!

The models, types and colours of our table and bench sets, are just as versatile as its areas of application. StandUp tables for a laid-back aperitif or a table and bench set especially designed for children - our assortment offers a wide variety. Do you prefer more elegant models? Then Lago and Rustica set are your right choice!

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A man is mounting the green underframe to the wooden plate of the beer bench.
Passion for Detail is Essential

Technical refinement is our speciality.  Without the passion for detail, our table and bench sets would certainly not be as practical, space-saving, of  high-quality... and Oktoberfest favourites.

Designed According to Your Needs - Individual and Personal.

The selection of our table and bench sets is endless. It is time to personalise the mass-produced article! 

Beer Table Sets
Beer Table Sets

Popular all over the world... Our beer table sets in brewery quality!

Beer Table Sets

Every year, more than 6 million visitors enjoy sitting on our beer table sets at the Munich Oktoberfest.

Custom-made sets for the Hacker Pschorr marqueee at the Oktoberfest. The tables have a blue and white checkered tablecoth.

All the compounds of our table and bench sets are an in-house production. Thus, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions.

We are looking forward to your request and helping you to create special moments! 

Transport Boxes

Conveniently from A to B with our transport boxes

Safely stored and easy to transport! The transport container for 10, 15 or 20 sets provides an easy, gentle and space-saving transport. The transport boxes are designed to be moved by any conventional forklift. For optimum use of space the single boxes can be stacked.

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