Firefighter with breathing apparatus is doing something at the ground. Behind it is a blue gazebo with the inscription MASTERTENT.

Fire Department Gazebos for Heroes in Red.

Whether it is extinguishing, rescuing, recovering, protecting - our fire department gazebo is ready for action!

At the decisive moment, every second counts. Every move must be right, and no time should be lost. We have designed our fire department tents in line with this philosophy. 

Find out how we support the heroes in red with our fire department gazebo Kit Rescue.

Special Sidewalls & Floor for Fire Department Tents

How the fire brigade tent meets all requirements.  

What distinguishes the sidewalls and the floor of our fire department gazebos from ordinary tent accessories? The added safety benefits, complete protection against smoke and fumes, and the extra functional accessories.

The sidewalls of the fire department gazebo offer all-round protection against swirling dust and smoke, as well as water and fire. To increase stability and safety, the lower third of the sidewalls of the fire department gazebo is reinforced with PVC material. 

The extension of the sidewalls offers double added value for the fire department gazebos: On the one hand, the extension enables the additional attachment of sandbags, and on the other hand, it guarantees complete protection by connecting it to the floor of the fire department tent.

The floor of the fire department gazebo is made of non-slip Comshade fabric. Besides, it is absorbent and therefore ideally suited for binding blood and other liquids. 

The Fire Department Gazebo- Always with the Firefighters!

A fire department tent from Mastertent finds space even in the fullest emergency vehicle. The compact pack sizes ensure that the fire brigade tent from Mastertent can indeed be with the firefighters in any emergency case in a practical manner. It is convenient and easy to transport. And because time is always short during an emergency, the Mastertent fire department tent can be assembled in less than 60 seconds. Just attach the sides and floor and the fire department gazebo is ready.  

The firemen are carrying the injured person to the rescue tent. The rescue tent has a red roof and grey side walls.
Kit Rescue
The rescue tent, especially designed for rescue operations, provides special weather and visual protection in sensitive situations.
Kit Rescue

When and Why You Need a Fire Department Gazebo

You are a firefighter? Then you probably know better than we do, when and why a fire department tent is essential in an emergency.  

However, in the following situations our fire department gazebos provide reliable assistance. 

  • You have pulled a crashed car from the roadside, the passengers are injured, but the ambulance has not arrived yet? Set up the fire department gazebo and carry out first aid for the wounded. 
  • Have you just arrived at the location of the accident facing a sea of flames? Set up the fire-retardant fire department gazebo and use it as a command centre. 
  • Your worksite is a crisis area in which you need to assist people without a roof over their heads? Use the gazebo as a sleeping room. In that case, especially the supplement of the interior tent is recommended. It prevents warmth from escaping quickly. 
  • Do you have difficulties keeping a cool head and thinking clearly because of the fire and the hot outside temperature? Set up the fire department gazebo, attach the interior tent with thermal effect and breathe deeply.

Team Tent for Fire Services

Rescue missions demand a great deal from all people involved. A gazebo as a team tent for fire departments is, therefore, becoming increasingly popular. In particular, complicated operations must be planned and coordinated. A fire department team tent equipped with all the functionalities of Mastertent provides a safe place for the heroes in red. The team tent is also indispensable for firefighters as a rest tent for breaks or shift changes during, particularly long operations. 

...or more cheerful, as a fire department team tent at youth tent camps, where, in addition to fire protection education, fun and solidarity of the rescuers of tomorrow are the focus

Fire Department Tents - not "Only" for Emergencies

Charge the hose line! - is sometimes also the motto at funny fire fighting events. No matter whether at a village festival as a bar tent, at trade fairs as an information stand or as rain and sun protection at an open day or anniversary - the application possibilities of the fire brigade tent go far beyond emergencies.

Inflatable Gazebo for Fire Brigades

In addition to the perfectly sophisticated fire brigade tent, the Kit Rescue, Mastertent also offers inflatable pavilions for fire brigades. Of course with compact packing dimensions, 100% waterproof, fire-retardant and ready for any emergency. The inflatable gazebos for fire brigades are equipped with a 220 V permanent blower and can be personalised according to your wishes. 

An inflatable event tent in red with logo print "CAR RACING" on white background. For size comparison, the outline of a person was inserted under the inflatable advertising media.
Inflatable fire fighting tent
With even less weight and even easier to pack than our Kit Rescue. 100% customisable and above all 100% functional. Do not hesitate and try something new. 
See all inflatables

Buy a Fire Department Gazebo

Every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year - actually always - the firefighters are there to help us. Just as often, equipment and aids must be ready for action. Renting a fire department tent is therefore not an option in case of emergency. Consequently, you should pay extra attention to quality and longevity when you buy your fire department gazebo. So who is the right partner for you? Mastertent, of course. Thanks to many years of experience in product development and a tangible spirit of innovation, we can guarantee that our fire department tents are always and for a long time absolutely reliable.

Would you like to buy a fire department gazebo or get more information about our Kit Rescue? Contact us directly at +39 0472 977 100 or send us an inquiry. 

Author: Verena Baumgartner, Marketing
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