The picture shows two personalised 3x3 folding gazebos. Under them are refreshment drinks for the athletes.

Mastertent Folding Gazebos and Swiss Triathlon 

A challenge for athletes and gazebos.

At triathlon events in Switzerland, the stamina of athletes as well as that of folding gazebos is put to the test.

Mélanie, contact person for various Swiss triathlon organisers, told us how Mastertent folding gazebos are used at the numerous sports events.

From March to September, competitions are held regularly, challenging both the athletes and staff, as well as the equipment. Optimal weather conditions do not always prevail on competition days. Therefore, suitable shade and reliable rain protection are important for everyone. Swiss Triathlon relies on the 3x3 m folding gazebos from Mastertent, which are provided to the organisers of the sports events. The most important thing for such a long and intense season is, of course, the folding gazebos’ quality.

Mélanie, responsible for Swiss Triathlon competitions

Folding Gazebos for Everyone’s Protection

Under the tents referees, athletes and visitors can find a reliable shelter. It is important that the folding tents are stable and windproof, because especially on lakeshores the wind often blows stronger than elsewhere. "Therefore, for us at Swiss Triathlon, the stability of the folding gazebos was the decisive criterion in our purchase", explains Mélanie. Stability is ensured by high quality materials and further enhanced by the addition of weights and guy ropes.

In case the weather is really bad, they have acquired 3 sidewalls per folding gazebo, so that especially the referees, who spend the whole day under the tents, are protected from wind, rain and strong sunshine. In addition, the gazebos serve as supply stations for the athletes, where refreshing drinks and snacks provide them with new energy. 

Pirontex logo - Mastertent tent fabric premium quality
Pirontex®: A very robust textile
In order for a folding gazebo to provide high protection from sunlight and rain, the quality of the textile is very important. The Swiss Triathlon Team also knows this and has equipped its tents with Pirontex® roofs. This textile not only meets the above criteria, but is also very colourfast and produced sustainably.
Discover the new tent fabric by Mastertent

Weights: Fastening is the key.

Even if the wind is not blowing at the moment of setting up the tents, the event organisers and Mélanie always anchor them firmly in the ground with our tension straps and pegs. Because the tents are usually on a meadow, these are particularly suitable. 

"We were surprised how easy it is to anchor the folding gazebos in the ground and how stable they remain! For us, safety is really very important because the tents are usually right next to the race track where they could be a hazard if they don't stay firmly on the ground. With Mastertent folding gazebos, we now know that we’ve got a safe protection."

Triathlon is a pure outdoor sport and therefore safety must be ensured at all times.

A folding gazebo’s most important companion is its fastening
No matter whether the sun is shining or a light wind is blowing. Always secure your folding gazebo with weights and/or our anchoring kit with tension straps and pegs.
Check out all fastening options

Saving time during assembly and disassembly

At events like this, everyone is very busy. This is why high-quality folding gazebos are very advantageous in such situations, because their assembly and disassembly is very simple and fast

"I am on site at the events and I help setting up the tents. I was positively surprised when I realised how easy and fast it is. Saving time during the set-up is a great advantage for all of us, as there is always a lot to do when preparing for the events", explains Mélanie.

What else does the team appreciate about the folding gazebos? 

The whole team is very happy about the new tents, not only because they are very handy and a reliable protection for everyone, but also because they look more professional than the old tents. "The printing of the Swiss Triathlon logo on the roofs is really nice, it's quality you can see." This, of course, contributes to the professional appearance of the entire team.

Read more about Swiss Triathlon!
Learn all about Swiss Triathlon, about the team behind this organisation and don't miss any competitions and events!
To the Swiss Triathlon website

Because Mastertent folding gazebos are intended for professional and regular use, we are sure that the folding gazebos will accompany the Swiss Triathlon team for a long time to come.

We wish the team and all athletes great success in all upcoming competitions!

Author: Judith Piazza, Marketing
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