Braies Wild Lake with the cottage and its boats. Behind it mountains are glowing.

Tension Test at Lake Braies 

Dark clouds, roaring thunder and impressive lightnings. Elisa, the ranger in the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park is alone in the mobile tent in the dark forest... will it even continue with hailstorm and gust of wind? 

Elisa is a tender girl she works as a ranger in one of the two mobile offices at the "Lake Braies" in South Tyrol. Unfortunately today Elisa is alone in the folding gazebo. The loud patter of the rain gets stronger and stronger, the thunder gets louder and louder. She has to be faster than the wind if she wants to dismantle the gazebo before the hailstorm begins. It doesn’t make any sense to wait for support. The narrow girl immediately stows all the brochures and flyers into the box. Then she dismantles the sidewalls, unhooks the wooden counter and finally takes down the tent on her own. Proudly she arrives at the headquarters of the Tourist Association Valle di Braies and tells Manuela Rogger, the office manager, about her experience. Ms Rogger is impressed. She never imagined that it`s possible to  dismantle the gazebo of Mastertent alone. And then even Elisa the "narrow little girl"…

The office manager explains "quick assembly and dismantling, the ease of use and transportation" were the reasons why the board decided in favor of Mastertent's folding pavilions. Before the purchase, they had briefly discussed the purchase of fixed wooden huts in the office. In addition to the cost factor, the folding pavilions were convincing with their diverse application possibilities and small packing dimensions, which allow optimum use of the already limited storage space.

In the two pavilions, one at Pragser Wildsee and one directly at Prato Piazza, their employees inform about the correct behaviour in the nature park, which is appropriate and forbidden, about cleanliness and sustainability. Mrs Rogger knows that simple tips such as "Beware, don't go up the mountain with sandals" are often enough to make the day easier for the guests. Her employees also provide information about hiking trails, theme hikes and accommodation. To immerse herself even more in the world of the Three Peaks, she gladly recommends the "Almanac", the magazine of the region. 

The mobile offices are manned daily from the end of June to the beginning of September and are part of a pilot project. They were a "quick solution for the traffic developments in the Pragser Tal and a reaction to the personnel cuts of the nature park coworkers of the country", explains Mrs. Rogger contently. When asked whether the folding pavilions would also be used in the future, she replied resolutely - "Yes, certainly, there has not been one day when we regreted choosing a  Mastertent product!" With a smile on her face she points out Elisa's adventure again. 

We are twice as happy with Mrs Rogger. On the one hand that her initiative is well received and gets a lot of positive feedback and on the other hand that she has opted for us. 

Have you already visited Pragser Wildsee or Plätzwiese and discovered our folding pavilions? We are looking forward to your impressions, stories and pictures. 

Author: Verena Baumgartner, Marketing
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