Mastertent Prices

The added value of our gazebos

Mastertent offers much more than just folding tents.
We have been manufacturers since 1948 and with a pioneering spirit we continuously innovate our products. Today, thanks to our premium offer and excellent customer service, we are the world's leading tent manufacturer. We distinguish ourselves by the quality and longevity of our products and by the relationships of esteem and trust that we manage to establish with all our customers.

How much does a Mastertent gazebo cost?

Why Mastertent?
If you have not yet worked with us, here are some reasons why Mastertent is the right partner for your projects.

The price of a Mastertent gazebo coincides with first-class raw materials of European origin which are processed with care by experienced and specialised personnel always within the EU, paying special attention to the environment and continuously developing new production processes and more environmentally friendly projects.
Our production process starts with personalised consultancy, the study of the customised product and ends with meticulous quality control and fast shipping. But our service continues even after the sale thanks to an attentive and tangible customer service, warranties even on replacement parts, and a repair and replacement service.

Mastertent, Sustainable Folding Gazebos

How much does a Mastertent tent cost you?

Let's add up all the points above...

You get a premium quality fireproof, waterproof, certified and custom-made product that will last for years, and if due to extreme weather conditions or other incidents on the road something gets damaged, you can always contact us for repairs or replacement parts, even after decades!
In fact, our products are continuously evolving, but we guarantee a replacement service for aluminium frame parts for 10 years! In order to take care of every folding gazebo we sell, even in the event of damage due to force majeure, we have devised CARE and CARE+, services that insure the roof and structure and guarantee a priority repair service.

The long life of our gazebos is good for both the environment and your wallet, and it is part of our philosophy to ensure the long-term satisfaction of our customers.

You can buy a new hatchback every year or choose your own customised 'Lamborghini' and take care of it for a long, long time.

The price of a tent should be calculated over the long term, it's not just about the next impulse buy!


CARE insurance
In case of damage to your folding gazebo, we now offer you CARE and CARE+ to insure the roof and structure.

Mastertent Gazebo Price List 

We recommend that you consult our experts, because the prices of our gazebos can vary significantly depending on size, series, printing, colour, accessories, fabric, structure, roof, special models, sidewalls and quantity. In short, the variants are too many, and without personal consultation you run the risk of choosing expensive options that are useless for your type of use or going for savings in situations where it would be worthier to invest. Our representatives can provide you with advice, and based on the type of use you intend to make of your gazebo, and thanks to their experience and knowledge in the sector, they will propose the best solution for you.

Download here the price list (valid only for the UK) 

What Do We Do With Your Data?

Absolutely nothing! Nowadays, especially in social networks people are wary of giving out personal data such as e-mails, phone numbers and residence, which is perfectly understandable. That is why we at Mastertent never ask you to share data publicly, but always in private. Your contacts are moreover kept safe and are not given to third-party sources. The only reason we ask for them is so that one of our experts can contact you to offer you the requested quote and ad-hoc advice. As the world's leading tent manufacturer, we are not interested in obtaining data such as e-mail addresses and residence, and without your permission, we will not send you updates on offers and news. We are much more interested in forging real and lasting relationships with our customers, who tell us decades later that they are still happy with their purchases!

What are you waiting for? Contact a representative


Pioneering Spirit Since 1948
Our history is based on values from the past, preserved from 1948 until today.
The history of Mastertent

Why trust Mastertent's robust folding tents

Mastertent Stability Promise:

The brand promise also includes numerous international certifications and reliable customer service.

Contact us for more information.

Author: Giada Ghizzo, Marketing
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