Thermo tent - Gazebo with an inner tent and illumination
Thermo tent - Gazebo with an inner tent and illumination

Quarantine Tents Protect the Healthy, Isolate the Infected

New restrictions, new infections - new challenges. Every day.

COVID-19.  The virus affects all of us and confronts us with new challenges.

Who can help, helps, the rest stays at home - that's the rule. Mastertent offers quarantine tents and thus solves the space problem.

Mobile Space with the Quarantine Tent. 

Clothing manufacturers are now producing protective masks and safety clothing. Companies that fabricate disinfectants work in 24-hour shifts. But what about the space problem? Setting up a building is usually a large-scale project that requires construction plans and authorisations - not achievable overnight. That is why Mastertent offers a mobile space solution - our quarantine tent.

The use of our quarantine tent has been successfully tried and tested and is currently being set up across the country.

What is your space problem?
Tell our experienced consultants about your COVID-19 challenge. Together we will create a space solution for you! 
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Four Quarantine Tent Advantages Versus new Buildings

  1. Ready for immediate use: The quarantine tent requires no approvals or project planning.
  2. Setup in 60 seconds: Our classic gazebos can be set up in one minute by two people. For the Kit Rescue or the Kit Rescue Light, including floor and side walls, assembly takes just a few minutes longer. You will be surprised how easy and fast our gazebos can be set up.
  3. Easy handling: Our quarantine tent convinces with smallest packing dimensions and hence easy transport. It can be assembled without any tools.
  4. Flexibly extendable: Our modular system and our various sidewall models ensure that you can extend or "reconstruct " the quarantine tent yourself.

100% Protection & Durability of Quarantine Tents

What matters in times of crisis? Quality and keeping promises and trustworthyness All this is part of the Mastertent quality philosophy, which of course applies to our quarantine tents as well. Our quarantine tents offer 100% protection against external weather conditions. By using high quality materials, our quarantine tents are 100% waterproof and fire-resistant. Also, the stability and durability of the quarantine tents have been tested. 

The 8x4 m medical tent from Mastertent has highly visible reinforced side walls. The model Kit Rescue is white and printed. It has a printed banner on the tent roof.
4,5x3 m, 6x3 m, 8x4m
...are currently our most popular sizes. Your preferred size is not included? Then take a look at our size overview. 
All gazebo sizes at a glance

Where and why are Quarantine Tents Currently Being Installed? 

Mobile space extensions are requested by various institutions a the moment. The purpose behind the quarantine tents is always the same. To isolate sick people from healthy people and to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible.

  • As triage tents for additional space in front of hospital entrances: With the quarantine tents it can be ensured that the hospital wards remain as Corona-free as possible.
  • Quarantine tents are currently being set up as mobile Corona test centres at motorways and border crossings. The flexibility advantage of the quarantine tents plays a major role thereby.
  • As a waiting area in front of supermarkets, in order to prevent customers from standing in the rain while keeping the safety distance.
  • As a waterproof storage for face masks and safety equipment, our quarantine tent also fulfils the role of a mobile building extension. 

Quarantine Tents Fast and Affordable! 

Our challenge? To produce quarantine tents in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible price. If we have accepted the challenge? Yes! Our product developers created a simplified version of our Kit Rescue - the Kit Rescue Light was born. 

Fast lead times & convenient prices
... characterize the Kit Rescue Light. Discover the quarantine tent Kit Rescue Light, specifically designed for COVID-19. 

The 4 most important details of the new quarantine tent Kit Rescue Light at a glance.

  1. All 4 Rescue sidewalls are reinforced with a PVC bottom flap. Two sidewalls have a smart door-window system.
  2. The tent floor is non-slip and water absorbing -
  3. It is both inexpensive and of the highest quality
  4. ... produced quickly and delivered to you immediately.
Author: Verena Baumgartner, Marketing
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