The firemen are carrying a victim of the chemical accident out of the hall. They are bringing the injured person to the gazebo.

Kit Rescue

When every second counts!

Easy. Fast. Safe. If you have ever been part of a rescue mission, you know what is important in such extreme situations. 100% reliance on the equipment is required to completely focus on the mission. Everything must run smoothly and there is no time to lose. 

What you are looking for, is what our Kit Rescue offers: protection from curious onlookers, shelter from storms, room for the injured or a base for military, police, paramedics or fire brigade.

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100% reliable

Why is MASTERTENT the right choice?

More than 30 years of constant innovation and experience in gazebo construction are the reason why MASTERTENT gazebos are the European market leader.

When every second counts, it can't go fast enough. The following advantages are essential for your next rescue mission:

  • set-up within 60 seconds 

  • no tools required 

  • fire retardant

  • stable and durable

Smart gazebo sidewalls

The best solution for every mission.

The Kit Rescue package contains specially designed "Rescue sidewalls". The window is not a classic window, but consists of several layers and can even be converted into a door. The zippers are fixed on the inside and outside of the sidewall, therefore, the different layers can be opened and used for different applications

  1. the fly net: the integrated fly net ensures good ventilation, sufficient light and prevents insects from entering 

  2. the transparent PVC cover: if it is too cold or too windy outside, the transparent cover is essential. It protects the inside of the tent from wind. Thanks to the transparent material, daylight provides sufficient lighting.

  3. non-transparent cover: for protection against prying eyes, the window can be closed from the inside with a completely vision-proof cover.

  4. the door: the Rescue sidewalls are equipped with special windows, which can be converted into a door if opened further downwards.


The woman is just rolling up the door of the sidewall of the kit Rescue.
The window of the kit Rescue has an integrated fly net.
The PVC material on the lower third of the sidewalls enhances safety and stability.
Anti-slip floor

The gazebo floor is made of non-slip woven PVC fabric, which ensures safety and stability. It is absorptive and therefore ideal for absorbing blood and other liquids. The floor is connected to the tent frame and sidewalls by an ingenious connecting system to set up a closed unit. The sidewalls are tightened by means of a connecting tube, tent pegs can be used to anchor the gazebo firmly to the ground. 

In the kit Rescue the sidewalls are connected to the floor. The woman is putting the pole through the loops.
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