Pavilion pliabil 4,5x3 m cu acoperiș albastru de la MASTERTENT
Straight valance
Entrance height:
201 cm
Maximum height:
327 cm
Pack size:
42x58x158 cm
Series 1, Series 2
Gazebo 4,5x3 m with blue roof and scalloped valance from MASTERTENT
Scalloped valance
Entrance height:
201 cm
Maximum height:
327 cm
Pack size:
42x58x158 cm
Series 1, Series 2
Gazebo 4,5x3 m with blue roof and awning from MASTERTENT
Entrance height:
202 cm
Maximum height:
353 cm
Pack size:
53x85x158 cm
Series 1

4.5 x 3 Gazebo

4.5 x 3 easy up Gazebo - the allrounder that you need

Functional and flexible. You can always rely on the 4,5x3 m gazebo

The 4.5x3 m gazebo convinces with its versatility and capacity to adapt to every occasion. Covering your sales counter or for private events, for instance. Set up, dismantling and transport from one event to the other is no longer a challenge. A covered area of 13.5 m² protects 24 people sitting or 27 people standing from wind and weather and offers shelter from the sun.

To be equipped for every occasion, we highly suggest our gazebo accessories. A counter to exhibit your products or lighting and heater to create a welcoming atmosphere. We ensure the perfect solution for your needs. Colour, printing and model of the 4.5x3 m gazebo can also be entirely customised.    

Design your gazebo Consult an expert

Facts you need to know about our gazebo 4.5x3 m:

Pack Size
Weight Comparison

Add colour to the space that surrounds you!

Start with the colour and design the folding gazebo that suits your needs. Your folding gazebo - your style!

Add colour to the space that surrounds you!

Start with the colour and design the folding gazebo that suits your needs. Your folding gazebo - your style!

4.5x3 Gazebo Heavy Duty

Experience a realm of endless opportunities as you delve into the realm of customized folding gazebos!

Embrace the boundless potential that awaits you through our extensive range of accessories and an array of vibrant hues. With our premium-grade materials, both for the roof and side walls, you can fashion the folding gazebo that perfectly aligns with your unique requirements. Choose from many different options and further personalise them with prints of your choice. Unleash your creativity without restraint—share your visionary concepts with us, and we will manifest them into tangible reality!

The universal folding gazebo always by your side.

Your Guide to Gazebo Knowledge

Assembling the 4.5x3 m gazebo only requires one or two people, it takes only 60 seconds and there is no need for tools! Here's how to do it:

  1. Remove the protective packaging.
  2. Open the gazebo by pulling on the tent scissors. Do not pull at the corner posts!
  3. Lift the slider at the corner posts until you hear a 'click'. 
  4. Raise the legs of the gazebo to the desired height. To do this, lift one leg and press the leg down with your foot.
  5. Fasten the safety straps on the roof of the gazebo.
  6. Secure the gazebo to the ground using one of several available methods, such as pegs and straps, 28 kg or 10 kg weights or concrete weights.

To view the various simple steps, please refer to the assembly video.
With these detailed and simple assembly instructions, the 4.5x3 m gazebo will be assembled in no time.

The price of a 4.5x3 gazebo varies depending on the series, fabric, customisation, roof shape and accessories. To decide on the best combination according to your intended use, it is always advisable to talk to an expert.

Everything we make is customised, tailor-made and handmade right here in Europe. Our aim is to provide customers with all the options they need, even if that means making structures and cutting fabrics to measure. Wholesale prices without context make no sense for a company that produces highly specific items. 

To get a quote for your 4.5x3 gazebo contact us or configure your gazebo and receive an offer within 24 hours!

Packaging dimensions Series 1: 42x58x158 cm
Packaging dimensions Series 2: 42x58x158 cm

Entrance height:

  • Classic: 201 cm
  • Classic with awning: 202 cm

Overall height:

  • Classic: 327 cm
  • Classic with awning: 353 cm

To secure a 4.5x3 m gazebo to the ground for short periods we recommend using at least 4 x 28 kg weights and 4 x 10 kg weights in normal weather situations. Where possible it is always safer to stake the gazebo to the ground with safety straps. 
If the gazebo is to be left outdoors for longer periods we recommend securing it with the concrete weights or bolting it to the ground using the holes provided on the feet.

We also produce 4.5x3 m PVC tents on request. The most sought-after are the transparent PVC tents.

The weight of the 4.5x3m gazebo varies depending on the type of structure (Series 1 or Series 2) and can increase if one or more canopies are added to the classic roof.  
The 4.5x3 m gazebo in Series 1 weighs 46.4 kg while in Series 2 it weighs 38.7 kg. The difference in weight is due to the thickness of the aluminium profiles, which are slightly thinner in Series 2.

Spare Parts for 4.5x3 Gazebo


With meticulous attention to detail, we have crafted our tents to exhibit remarkable durability. Nevertheless, we understand that unforeseen challenges may arise, especially during catastrophic events. To provide you with steadfast support in such circumstances, we proudly offer CARE and CARE+ services, complete with inclusive damage repair insurance. Availing these services grants you the advantage of enjoying a generous 70% discount on spare parts, ensuring swift and efficient repairs for your tents. This allows you to face any situation with confidence, knowing that your tents can be promptly restored to their optimal condition.

4.5x3 Tent Accessories and Fastening


For a truly distinctive 4.5x3 m gazebo, we present an extensive array of accessories for your choosing. Explore our diverse selection, which encompasses flags, banners, side walls, fixing accessories, lighting, and heating. Each item has been carefully curated to ensure superior quality, allowing you to adorn your gazebo with the essential elements that perfectly complement your vision. With our comprehensive collection, rest assured that you will find everything you need to elevate your gazebo to new heights of excellence.

Spare Parts Service

4.5x3 Gazebo Resistant to Strong Winds

Introducing our remarkable structure, distinguished by an exclusive octagonal aluminum profile, safeguarded by a patented design. This innovative feature guarantees unparalleled stability and remarkable wind resistance. Our Mastertent tents have undergone rigorous wind tunnel tests, verifying their capacity to endure powerful winds and storms. However, to prioritize safety to the utmost degree, it is crucial to securely anchor the tents to the ground, utilizing purpose-built base weights and anchoring straps specifically crafted for this purpose.

Waterproof 4.5x3 Gazebo


At the forefront of our mission is the commitment to provide products that excel in both quality and functionality. That's precisely why we exclusively utilize waterproof fabrics for our tents. Whether it's a gentle drizzle or a torrential downpour, rest assured that our tents will reliably shield you from water. Whether you're attending an outdoor event or unwinding in your garden, you can immerse yourself in the ambiance without concern for inclement weather.

4.5x3 Aluminium Gazebo

We only build our tents with high-quality anodised aluminium made in Italy! 

  • Lightweight
  • Rustproof
  • Resistant

Let your imagination run wild! Our graphics team is at your disposal! You provide the ideas, we provide the technique, experience, creativity and passion.