Be the eye-catcher at every event with your printed gazebo! 

Impress, convince, sell. Are these your goals? We help you get the ball rolling, attract attention and convince your customers. How? With a gazebo with advertising print. Print your Mastertent gazebo with your logo and be the star at trade fairs and markets.

Whether you prefer a full-surface photo print, your company logo or an inscription on the roof or sidewalls, our in-house graphic team and printing department make it possible. You will certainly be successful in winning over your customers, potential customers and partners, no matter which gazebo size you choose.

We create your preferred design with careful attention to the smallest details.

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Sublimation Printing

The perfect solution for a personalised gazebo with full-surface printing.

With this printing process, the roofs and sidewalls can be customised to achieve an extremely realistic result. The high scratch resistance and colour intensity are the strengths of sublimation printing. Therefore it is considered to be the perfect technique for your printed gazebo. Sublimation printing is performed on white fabric. The special printing process allows the ink to infiltrate into the fabric. 

What effect does light have on your personalised gazebo? In the sunlight, the motif printed on the outside of the gazebo can also be seen from the inside. How to avoid that? Upon request, you can print the motif on both sides of the sidewall. The printed side wall can also be sewn onto a single-colour standard wall.

Our 3D simulations enable you to visualise your gazebo and facilitate the decision for Mastertent.  

The logo "runningteam" is printed with the thermal transfer printing technique on the roof of a red gazebo.

Thermal Printing

Are you considering a small print motif or a logo print for your 3x3 m gazebo? In this case the thermal transfer printing is the suitable printing technique. The desired subject is printed on a special vinyl foil which is then cut out to be applied to the fabric by selective heat transfer by means of a heat press.

Screen Printing

The more you print, the better. You want to print the same motif several times or customise a larger quantity of gazebos with that same print? Then we recommend screen printing. Simple letterings and logos with clear lines are transferred to a screen with the aid of chemical processes and transferred to the fabric using a squeegee.

Market tents for a farmers market. In front of them are boxes with fruit and vegetables.
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