Gazebo 6x3 m with blue roof from MASTERTENT
Straight valance
Entrance height:
201 cm
Maximum height:
327 cm
Pack size:
42x72x158 cm
Series 1, Series 2
Gazebo 6x3 m with blue roof from MASTERTENT
Scalloped valance
Entrance height:
201 cm
Maximum height:
327 cm
Pack size:
42x72x158 cm
Series 1
Gazebo 6x3m with blue roof and awning from MASTERTENT
Entrance height:
202 cm
Maximum height:
353 cm
Pack size:
72x43x158 cm
Series 1

6x3 Gazebo

6x3 gazebo with sides - it is 100% waterproof and easy to set up!

6x3 heavy duty gazebo for professionals!

You're wondering why the 6x3 m gazebo is our customers favourite? Because it offers room for many guests and is one of our best sellers! With its countless possibilities of customisation, the 6x3 m gazebo is ideal for you and your special moments.  

You are planning a party for up to 32 people sitting, or a music event for up to 36 people standing? In this case, our 6x3 m gazebo with a covered area of 18 m² is exactly what you are looking for. Despite its size, this best seller convinces with its small packing size, quick set-up and dismantling. The 6x3 m gazebo stands out with its first-class quality, durability and is completely printable.

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Facts you need to know about our gazebo 6x3 m:

Pack Size
Weight Comparison

Add colour to the space that surrounds you!

Start with the colour and design the folding gazebo that suits your needs. Your folding gazebo - your style!

Add colour to the space that surrounds you!

Start with the colour and design the folding gazebo that suits your needs. Your folding gazebo - your style!

6x3 Heavy Duty Gazebo

We offer you the chance to explore a world of possibilities with the personalisation of your folding gazebo!

Thanks to our wide selection of accessories and colours, you can create the perfect folding gazebo for your needs. Our fabrics for roof and side walls are made of high-quality materials and are available in three different options. Furthermore, you can customise them with any print you like. There are no limits to your creativity, let us know your ideas and we will make them a reality!

The universal folding gazebo always by your side.

Fire Retardant
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Like all our tents, the 6x3 is completely waterproof. Depending on the type of fabric, Oxford 500D or Pirontex®, you will have a water column resistance respectively of 1,200 mm and 5,000 mm. 

- How are the water column and water resistance calculated?
- Mastertent fabrics


If you already have a Mastertent folding gazebo, you can order a new 6x3 m canopy from one of our experts. Of course you can personalise your new covering as you wish and order it in any fabric. Do you already know the new Pirontex® premium tent fabric? 

Contact us now!

If you have already received your replacement 6x3 fabric and just need to assemble it, here is an explanatory video. Don't worry, a couple of minutes and it's done!


Mastertent 6x3 tents are extremely sturdy and can withstand high winds and bad weather if properly secured to the ground. In addition, the octagonal shape of the aluminium legs and the precision of construction, as well as the very high quality of the materials guarantee superior stability, making our tents extremely durable. 


The Mastertent 6x3 gazebo is designed for professional use in various sectors. Its qualities of robustness and stability as well as its extremely elegant and professional design make it suitable for a variety of uses and very durable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Our 6x3 gazebo is constructed entirely of anodised aluminium. In this way we can guarantee maximum stability and corrosion resistance, while keeping the weight down.

Pvc tents are not among our standard supplies, as we consider other fabrics such as the new Pirontex® to have a much more elegant and professional appearance with the same water resistance. However, we also produce 6x3 pvc tents on request.



The 6x3 m gazebo can be fitted with any type of sidewall:

  • closed
  • with windows
  • with door
  • half-height
  • dividing wall
  • Rescue 

These are mounted to the roof with a strong Velcro strap and make the folding gazebo completely windproof and waterproof.


Commercial Gazebo 6x3

Looking for the perfect outdoor solution to showcase your brand or create a memorable event space? Look no further than our exceptional Commercial Gazebo 6x3. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, our gazebo offers a winning combination of quality and versatility.

As a direct producer, it is very important to us to meet all your individual requirements. The price of the 6x3 gazebo can vary depending on an infinite number of different customisations. For this reason, we ask you to contact a representative to obtain a quote for your folding gazebo. Alternatively, you can configure your desired folding tent in our online configurator. A consultant will contact you and prepare an offer based on your requirements.

Configure your gazebo and receive an offer in 24 hours or find out more about our price policy.



Mastertent 6x3 tents offer endless possibilities for personalisation, from fabric to colour to print, not to mention shapes and accessories. Discover all possible types of personalisation here!

The assembly of the 6x3 tent is extremely fast and requires no tools. All it takes is 2 people and one minute!
You will need to perform the following simple steps:

  1. Remove the transport bag
  2. The gazebo is delivered with the roof already assembled, so simply open the gazebo by pulling out the legs
  3. Lift the roof by lifting the scissors at the sides until you hear "click"
  4. Tie the safety straps and extend the legs to the desired height using the handy button

Watch the assembly video


Spare Parts for 6x3 m Gazebo

We have designed our tents with great care to ensure their durability. However, we are aware that catastrophic events can cause unforeseen problems. To support you in these situations, we provide CARE and CARE+ services, which include comprehensive damage repair insurance. Thanks to these services, you are entitled to discounts of  70 per cent on spare parts and you can rest easy knowing that you can repair your tents promptly.

6x3 m Tent Accessories and Fastening

To make your 6x3 m gazebo unique, you have a wide range of accessories to choose from. Among the available options, you will find flags, banners, side walls, fixing accessories, lighting and heating. Our selection includes all the elements you need to complete your gazebo, guaranteeing high quality products.

Spare Parts Service

6x3 m Gazebo Resistant to Strong Winds

Our structure features a unique, patent-protected octagonal aluminium profile, which ensures exceptional stability and wind resistance. Mastertent tents have been subjected to stringent wind tunnel tests, which confirmed their ability to withstand strong winds and storms. However, to ensure maximum safety, it is essential to secure the tents properly to the ground, using specially designed base weights and anchoring straps.

Waterproof 6x3 Gazebo

Our main priority is to offer products of high quality and functionality. That is why all fabrics used for our tents are completely waterproof. Whether it is light rain or heavy thunderstorms, you can be sure that our tents will effectively protect you from water. Whether you are at an outdoor event or in your garden, you can enjoy the atmosphere without worrying about the weather.

6x3 m Aluminium Gazebo

We only build our tents with high-quality anodised aluminium made in Italy! 

  • Lightweight
  • Rustproof
  • Resistant

Let your imagination run wild! Our graphics team is at your disposal! You provide the ideas, we provide the technique, experience, creativity and passion.