The aluminium structure of a blue Mastertent gazebo is displayed

Aluminium Gazebos vs Steel Gazebos

The Mastertent comparison and why we rely on aluminium gazebos. 

Learn more about the advantages of aluminium gazebos and why you should choose an aluminium gazebo as well.

Weight, stability, weather exposure and fields of application - we take a critical eye on all factors!

Are Aluminium Gazebos and Steel Gazebos Corrosion Resistant?

Aluminium gazebos are naturally corrosion resistant. Steel gazebos aren't. 

You've heard that before? But you don't know what it is about exactly? We are happy to help with the details: When metals are exposed to oxygen, they oxidize. Unlike steel, the oxide layer on aluminium however only grows by approximately 0.5 mm. It thus forms a protective layer by its own. This prevents rust and ensures a corrosion-resistant aluminium gazebo. 

Why is this beneficial for you and your aluminium gazebo? 

You don't have to worry about rust protection because your aluminium gazebo protects itself against external conditions. The best? Even small scratches do not bother your aluminium gazebo, because the protective oxide layer can renews itself when penetrated.  

On the contrary, a steel gazebo is extremely rust-sensitive. Even slightly increased air humidity is sufficient to accelerate the corrosion process of steel gazebos. Did the vendor of your steel gazebo state that steel gazebos are as corrosion-resistant as aluminium gazebos, thanks to their powder coating treatment? Then we have bad news for you: Even the most minor damages to the coating can cause rust formation on steel gazebos.

The Mastertent Aluminium Gazebo's Home is Outside.

Whether by the sea or in the countryside - dangers for steel gazebos are lurking anywhere. Aluminium gazebos, conversely, withstand changing environmental influences much better. 

Whereby, the popularity of aluminium garden gazebos is continuously rising. In contrast to garden gazebos made of steel, aluminium garden gazebos are generally better suitable for longer operating times. Hence, your aluminium garden gazebo protects you from sun and rain throughout all seasons. 

Accordingly, our waterproof aluminium gazebos convince in contrast to steel gazebos with excellent weather resistance. 

Steel or Aluminium Gazebos - The Scale Test.

Aluminium belongs to the group of the lightweight metals. Compared to steel, aluminium only weighs a third. This makes gazebos made of aluminum significantly lighter than gazebos out of steel.

This represents a substantial added value, especially for the requirements for foldable aluminium gazebos. As a result, foldable aluminium gazebos can thus be transported from A to B in a shorter time and with less effort. The lighter weight of the aluminium pavilions also facilitates frequent assembly and dismantling of the gazebos. Aluminium gazebos are therefore the unbeaten number 1, especially for use at trade fairs and markets

Gazebo 6x3 for trade fair. Yellow and black gazebo customised with HC Pustertal team logo.
Aluminium Gazebo
A gazebo that always fits. To your event, to your company and to you.
View aluminium gazebo

Simply Flexible: The Form-Stability of Aluminium Gazebos

Another key factor in favour of aluminium as a construction material is its high form-stability. 

Why is this property important for you?

The excellent formability of the folding pavilion aluminium frames enables us to take into account any special wishes of our customers and to make an aluminium pavilion to measure.

The processing possibilities of steel are limited depending on the alloy. They do not or only rarely meet the high form-stability of the aluminium gazebos.

Aluminium Gazebo Recycling - Because Mastertent Thinks Ahead.

The industrial metal aluminium is 100% recyclable. Today, aluminium recycling is playing an increasingly important role worldwide. We at Mastertent are constantly striving for a better future. This is why the recycling efficiency of our raw materials is fundamental for us. 

How does that affect you? 

Maybe your next chocolate wrapping paper is made out of our recycled aluminium. 

5 Reasons why Mastertent Relies on Aluminium Gazebos:

To summarise, we would like to recall the 5 reasons why we at Mastertent rely on aluminium gazebos. 

  1. Aluminium gazebos are corrosion resistant. 
  2. Aluminium gazebos are ideal for outside use.  
  3. Aluminium gazebos are three times lighter than steel gazebos. 
  4. The high form-stability enables the production of custom-made aluminium gazebos. 
  5. Aluminium gazebos are 100% recyclable. 
Blue gazebo 3x3 m.
Aluminium gazebo 3x3 m 
Our Classic. Why our classic? Because the 3x3 m gazebo is our bestseller.
View gazebo 3x3 m

The Mastertent Aluminium Gazebo 3x3 m

The aluminium gazebo 3x3 m is our bestseller. The gazebo with aluminium frames by Mastertent combines all the above mentioned producer and customer advantages of the raw material. Of course our aluminium gazebo 3x3 m is waterproof and weather-resistant. Due to its compact dimensions, it is particularly suitable for use as a trade fair tent, market tent, aluminium garden gazebo or event tent.

In case the aluminium gazebo 3x3 m is not optimally suited for your field of application, Mastertent offers, in addition to the aluminium gazebos 3x4.5 m, 4x4 m, 5x5 m and the significantly larger aluminium gazebo 6x3 m, a number of other aluminium gazebo sizes. 

Author: Verena Baumgartner, Marketing
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