From Handcrafts and Tradition at the Artisan Market  

...and how the cutler creates cosiness in his artisan stand by Mastertent.  

The smell of fresh coffee appears immediately in our noses when we get in the gazebo of the cutler Hans Oberhammer at the artisan market in Bern. He greets us friendly and invites us to calmly look around. Immediately, we feel at home in the cosy artisan market atmosphere. He is engraving a very special knife for one of his clients. It is going to be a present for his brothers 50th birthday and he would like to give him a crafted hunting knife with engraved name. While the client is waiting joyfully, he is drinking a freshly brewed coffee which the wife of Hans Oberhammer prepared. 

Haste Makes Waste

“Haste makes waste” says Hans Oberhammer smirking while observing the knife properly  from all sites. “I have learned the trade of the cutler from my father and he, in turn, from his father. This handcraft has been part of our family for generations  and for years my wife and I have been selling our knives on the artisan market which takes places every first Saturday of the month. We used to  have an ordinary stand with the usual drawbacks: little space, assembling and dismantling took very long and, in general, it was very chaotic. When the roof began to leak we decided to look for a more convenient solution and found Mastertent. The thing that inspired us most was the possibility to print our logo on the tent. Therefore, my wife Anneliese and I decided to buy an individually printed tent at the size of 3x3 m.

“We are very happy about our new gazebo and our neighbours are very envious.” tells Hans laughing while he winks at the owner of the stand next to him. 

“But joking aside, the artisan market takes place only once a month, that’s why a artisan stand by Mastertent is ideal. It takes very little time to assemble and disassemble the tent therefore we don’t have to get up that early anymore for being the first at the artisan market. It is very useful, especially when it rains, to assemble the tent quickly for not looking crestfallen.”

Blue gazebo 3x3 m.
Gazebo 3x3 m 
The gazebo 3x3 m is suitable for almost any application - also for a traditional artisan market. 
  View Gazebo 3x3 m
View Gazebo 3x3 m

Cosiness is Essential

Another advantage are the sidewalls, which can be attached easily with the Velcro fastener in case of wind or cold.

The artisan stand is very roomy and offers even enough space for a little kitchenette to strengthen ourselves with coffee and cake. He says smirking, "Cosiness is very important for us and in the evening we dismantle the tent quickly and put it in the garage. It is also packed pretty space-saving. Yes, I have to admit that we are extremely happy about our tent of Mastertent and also our customers feel comfortable. Many of our colleagues at the neighbour’s stands asked for the price and the address of Mastertent.”

Mitarbeiterin Melanie Hopfgartner
Author: Melanie Hopfgartner, Marketing
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