Triage and Pre-Triage Tents

Mobile Medical Facilities, Patient Screening Tents, Drive-Thru Testing Stations, and more!

Our Rescue Package, developed specially for medical emergencies, can be an important mobile asset in the fight against COVID-19. 

Read how triage tents are used, which features are key and how Mastertent, as a direct manufacturer, is securing fast and reliable delivery to critical customers - first responder and medical professionals need reliable patient screening tents and drive-thru testing solutions.

Triage Tents for Processing and Containing COVID-19

Our triage tents are utilized to safely screen and process patients - whether that's onsite outside hospitals or remotely at on the scene of emergency situations.  These triage and early processing tents ease the burden on internal hospital resources such as beds and room space and create control points for patient care. The tents can be organized for large single room workflows or divided into seperate interior rooms for safe individual processing.

Pre-Triage tent in Use in Italy
We offer global distribution in both Europe and North America for immediate assistance. Hospitals in Italy are putting our tents into action.

Medical & Rescue Triage Tent Benefits

Fast. Functional. Safe. When every second counts... our Mastertent Medical Tent has some key features for combating situations like our current global pandemic.

  • Fast, waterproof setup so that wherever the Rescue tent system is needed, it's ready for critical operations in minutes - helping medical professionals quickly handle this extremely important work.
  • Smart sidewall system to create all-round protection with important operations features: quick-access doors, multi-functional windows and heavy-duty materials. 
  • Anti-slip floor designed to set-up fast, providing a safe working environment that keeps weather out and hazardous substances in. 
  • Thermo-Vent tent interior  can be installed to help control interior tent temperatures. A huge advantage for patients and especially for medical staff who work long hours on the front lines. 
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The Rescue Package not only is extremely strong and durable to withstand long periods of use in the medical field, but also is built on our premium canopy tent foundation for quick and easy setup - small packing dimensions, light weight and quick setup all mean that it's ready for the important work fast!

  • Decontamination cabins can be made upon request. Built of easy-care, non-absorbent PVC with a non-slip floor, the cabins create a secure interior unit inside the tent for hazardous hanlding. 

Get your triage tent quickly - directly from the manufacturer!

Containing the spread of COVID-19 is a race against time - flattening the curve is the goal. We understand this and are investing all our resources to move quickly when called. 

Working with the right manufacturer means the right equipment at the right time! 

Our entire production is in-house, controlled by our Mastertent craftsman, so we are not dependent on supplier interruptions. Our aluminum and fabric matieral is extemely strong from winter planning, capable of building 1,000's of tents. 

Our in-house manufacturing and shipping departments are using smart and safe practices to make sure we are here to service our critical customers, while keeping our team safe. We are utilizing rotating teams on alternating shifts with facility sanitization in between.

If you have any questions about products, delivery times, applications or more, we're here to help - please contact us.

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Author: Georg Silgoner, Production
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