Professional Funeral Tent.

Funeral tent, canopy and gazebo to honour the deceased. 

A funeral ceremony requires an atmosphere that expresses respect for the deceased.

A farewell of people who were an important part of our lives should be positively remembered and therefore the farewell ceremony should meet the relatives' expectations.

The right tent size for the ceremony

A covered location is desirable for ceremonies, since closest relatives as well as the coffin or urn should be protected from rain, snow and sun. A small 6.5x6.5 ft canopy tent which shelters the grave provides an elegant look which is appropriate for a funeral. 

Under a 10x10 ft canopy tent there is enough space for the closest relatives and the coffin or urn of the deceased.

The 26x13 ft canopy tent is ideal for a larger funeral and can accommodate around 50 people.

For even bigger funerals, several canopy tents can be set up next to each other. To prevent rain from pouring in between the tents, they can be connected quickly and without tools by means of connecting clamps and rain gutters.

As with all Mastertent canopy tents, you can print the tent individually. The two printing techniques we carry out in our in-house print shop are the sublimation printing and thermal printing. Sublimation printing is particularly suitable for high-quality, full-surface printing. Thermal printing, on the other hand, is used for small-area print motifs, such as logos or small lettering.

For printing your funeral home's logo on your professional funeral tent we will use thermal printing. We will create a free graphic design according to your wishes and will start executing the order after print approval. Within a few days, your desired roofing will be ready for dispatch.

Customize your canopy tent
Do you have ideas for your funeral home's canopy tent? We offer numerous customization options: from the color of the fabric and the structure to customized designs.                                           
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Elegant designs for the farewell celebration 

Elegant details and accessories are very popular at farewell ceremonies. Our Royal Package is definitely very suitable for such occasions. The corner curtains and scalloped valance provide the perfect balance between elegance and tradition: the Royal Package combines elements of a functional, foldable tent with stylish design and maximum comfort for special occasions.

Why canopy tents?

On an occasion as important as a funeral, no one wants to risk any problems arising. That's why it's also very important to make sure that the venue has a roofing. Canopy tents are mobile and flexible to use, the quality fabric of Mastertent canopy tents as well as the impregnated seams make them 100% waterproof. It should also be noted that the height of the tent is easily adjustable. Last but not least, the canopy tents can be set up in 60 seconds without any tools, as they consist of one piece and have no loose parts.

The right accessories

The transportation wheels, which can simply be attached to the foot plates of the canopy tent's legs, might be very handy for a funeral, especially if the grave is not directly at the entrance of the cemetary or if it is not easily accessible.

To securely fasten the canopy tent, do not forget the 60 lbs cast iron weights that can be attached to the feet of the corner posts and are thus fundamental for the stability of the canopy tent.


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Author: Sonja Zingerle, Marketing
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