Dividing wall stands between the tables in the guest garden. The couple is sitting at a set table. Behind it you can see a printed partition wall.
Partition wall between the tables in the restaurant. The couple in front of it toasts with wine.

Mobile Partition Walls 
for the New Tomorrow.

Avoiding contacts and maintaining safety distances - together we will get through phase 2!

The prerequisites for this? Implementing increased hygiene standards and maintaining safety distances to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 and the second virus wave. We have developed a whole range of preventive solutions for the new tomorrow.

Our stylish highlight? The mobile partition walls. With flexibility and design, our modular partition wall system convinces in gastronomy, everyday office life, public facilities and many other areas.

Are you still looking for a suitable solution? Well, then you need to get to know Mastertent's flexible partition walls for indoor and outdoor use!

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Customised solutions for every ambience.

Modular Partition Wall System - Does not Fit, Does not Exist!

Simply combine aluminium poles and fabric panels for your individual partition system. 

A mobile partition wall from Mastertent standardly consists of two aluminium poles and one fabric panel. The fabric panel is stretched between the two poles and provides optimal protection between tables or workstations.

To find the right solution for every room, poles and fabric panels are also available separately. They can be flexibly connected and infinitely extended. Different heights of the poles enable suitable solutions for table groups with benches.


  • Pole height: 1.80 m / 1.50 m / 1.35 m / 1.05 m
  • Fabric panel: 1.73x1.27 m / 1.73x0.9 m 

Do you have small niches and want to make the most of them? We understand that. Do not hesitate to contact our experts for individual solutions!

Premium-Protection with Transparent Partition Walls

Disinfectable, inviting and creative. These are the three product characteristics that make our transparent PVC partition walls to the premium equipment against COVID-19. 

  1. Disinfectable. The transparent panels are made of PVC and bordered with black fabric. The PVC partition walls can be easily wiped off and thus disinfected several times per day. This prevents bacteria and viruses from sticking to the partition walls. 
  2. Inviting. The "window" of the transparent partition wall reaches to the very edge so that the fabric has been reduced to a minimum. This prevents the feeling of being restricted and additionally provides more elegance. As a result, the service area or shop entrance still looks inviting and friendly.  
  3. Creative. Insider tip for the office partition system: The PVC partition walls are wipeable - which means that you can even use them as an idea board and note to-dos and ideas with a non-permanent foil pen. That way COVID-19 protection is actually fun!

Graphic Team
Fabric Partition Walls in Colour and Printable!

Design and functionality combined. In phase 2, partition walls are part of the furnishings in restaurants, offices, shops or public transport. An attractive appearance of the partition walls is therefore self-evident.

Combine colours and print your fabric partition wall as desired:

  • The fabric panels are available in 12 standard colours.
  • The aluminium poles come in three standard colours: white, black and ecru. Other colours can be requested.
  • With logo printing or photo printing, the fabric partition walls can even become a decorative highlight. 
  • With informative imprints, the fabric partition walls are particularly suitable for regulating the safety distance in queues. 

No matter what your privacy protection is supposed to look like, our in-house graphics department will be happy to assist you with the realisation.


Indoor Partition Wall or Garden Partition Wall?

Do you need an indoor partition wall or are you looking for a partition wall for the garden?

No worries. With Mastertent's flexible partition walls you don't have to decide in advance whether you want to place them outside or inside. The partition walls are designed both for outdoor use and as room dividers indoors.

Find out here all about the product details that make this possible:

Design details move into focus when it comes to the suitability of the partition walls as room dividers in interior areas.

The bases of the aluminium poles are rounded and thus guarantee that by adjusting the room dividers no scratches or damage to the rest of your furnishings will occur.

The poles are powder-coated. Thus the colour of the poles cannot stain and does not stick to the floor even under friction.

Whether partition walls can be used for the garden or not depends primarily on the material used.

The fabric panels of Mastertent's garden partition walls are made of the wind-resistant polyester fabric Oxford 250 D. Raindrops simply bounce off. Even UV rays do not affect the colour durability of your garden partition wall.

Additionally, the lightweight metal aluminium of the poles ensures corrosion resistance of the garden partition walls during wind and weather.

Protection for outside and inside. 

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