Mobile products for optimal COVID-19 prevention and protection.

Mastertent products are known for longevity and craftmanship - high-quality materials built by people who care. At the onset of the pandemic, we turned our attention and resources to finding solutions that better assist those serving on outbreak response teams, providing essential services, and working to keep their businesses successful during this time. 

We've adapted our classic mobile tent products to provide safe, fast and reliable solutions for any application with safety in mind:

Scroll through our site to discover these new products and their applications. Please contact our team with any questions or for help with custom solutions. 

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Business Applications

COVID-19 has changed the way many businesses will need to operate. For essential retailers and manufacturers, safe operations must go on. You can help protect your employees, customers, and business with simple, mobile safety measures like customer sanitation stations or employee temperature testing at business entrances. 


businesses get back to business.

Corona tests, antibody checks, fever measurements - all this without a protective suit!

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Medical Applications

As our medical professionals fight tirelessly against the spread of the coronavirus, quick and efficient solutions are more necessary than ever. We've adapted our products to serve as protective testing booths, private patient rooms, disinfecting stations, and other mobile solutions for our front line defense against COVID-19.