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Are you looking for ways to keep employees and customers safe?

At Mastertent, we've transformed many of our products to quickly solve problems that our medical and business communities are facing during this unprecedented time. 

From protective testing booths and curbside tents to disinfecting stations and mobile partitions, Mastertent is here to help. 

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Temperature Testing Stations

We've quickly accomodated our classic canopy tents to create secure, mobile testing booths.

Thanks to all-round protection by sidewalls including integrated protective sleeves, these tent cabins make the work of hospital staff in the medical sector considerably easier, as they can test patients without having to wear protective suits.

However, to protect your employees and customers as an employer and to prevent unnoticed infected employees or hotel guests from entering the building, it is recommended to check all persons for an increased body temperature before stepping into the building.

The personnel carrying out the tests do not have to wear uncomfortable protective clothing.

The person performing the tests is always required to wear disposable gloves and a medical protective mask.

Curbside Service Tents

Our retail and restaurant industries have quickly turned to curbside and pick up services to continue to provide service while maintaining diligent safety precautions. 

With more and more restrictions on store occupancy and closures to public, businesses not equipped with drive-thrus need mobile, outdoor space solutions.

Our flexible and customizable tent configurations provide quick adaptable coverage for essential businesses as well as protection from the elements with durable waterproof, fire-retardant, wind-tough and UV protected designs. Our tents set-up tool-free in minutes allowing you or your staff to quickly deploy  and then pack and store the tent at the beginning and end of each day. 

Create your individualized structure by selecting from our variety of sidewalls and accessories. Add a counter for easy service, a PVC screen for added protection or awning style roof for both flair and function. 

Protective Service Tent

For maximum safety with walk-up service activities.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, freight carriers have not had an easy job. Many fuel and service stations have limited access and when unloading goods at their final destination the respective enterprise can usually not be entered.

With our mobile goods receiving station, shipping departments can securely interact with freight carriers and drivers. The delivery notes can be conveniently signed on the counter and received by the warehouse employee through an access panel in the protective wall.

Warehouse staff and drivers are thus protected against infection. Goods can be received safely.

Mobile partitions for maximum protection.

Social distancing has become an unavoidable part of our world. Retail vendors, restaurants, and public service offices are searching for new ways to keep the public safe.

Mobile partition systems can be quickly configured to your business's needs and provide solutions to many of today's challenges:

  • Restaurant private booths and table separation
  • Retail store mobile isles for customer service
  • Public transportation lanes for ticketing or boarding

The mobile partition system comes in standard sizes, but can be customized to almost any application. Available in 12 standard colors and optional printing for custom graphics, logos, advertising or messaging.

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