PIRONeering the future: the new premium fabric by Mastertent® 

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Pirontex® is a unique, innovative and sustainable tent fabric. Driven by his pioneering spirit and using nature as a model, our production manager created this special textile in collaboration with our textile manufacturer.

What makes this fabric so special?

  1. High color fastness
  2. Sustainable production 
  3. Durability and elasticity
  4. Intriguing design
  5. High resistance
Unbreakable color
Unbreakable color

The story of Pirontex®...

Pioneering spirit

Pirontex® was born out of the desire of our production manager and shareholder Georg Silgoner to create, with a forward-looking approach to sustainability, an innovative fabric which was the best in the industry. 
Browse through the pictures on the right and find out more about the history of the textile and the research which lasted more than three years to develop the perfect tent fabric.   

1. Unbreakable colors

What makes this new fabric so special? It maintains its original color even when exposed to intense sunlight, humidity and long periods of exposure.
This is proved by its high lightfastness, which was classified with a 7-8 grade (out of 8). Thus, Pirontex® guarantees excellent long-term colorfastness.

The Pirontex® fabric also distinguishes itself by its elegant, matte appearance, it is extremely tear- and UV resistant and keeps its shape.

80% less water
80% less water
60% less CO2
60% less CO2
50% less energy
50% less energy

2. Sustainability

For the world of tomorrow: Sustainability is not a state, but a path.

With the development of Pirontex® we have succeeded in creating a highly resistant fabric that was critically tested for all environmental aspects right from the start.
We paid particular attention to the dyeing process which, in the textile industry, is often associated with a high environmental impact.

In the production of our new textile we use:
50% less energy, 
80% less water and
we reduce CO2 emissions by 60%.

We avoid harmful dyeing processes and at the same time achieve a more durable colour result.

Innovation and improvement

3. Durability and elasticity:
The fabric is produced using an ingeniously woven 600D thread to make it not only particularly durable, but also extremely elastic. The longer a product can be used, the better it is for the environment and your pocket! The increased elasticity ensures that the fabric adapts perfectly to the aluminium structure.  

4. Innovative resistance
Thanks to its dense weave, Pirontex® acquires body and strength, and special nano-coatings make it particularly resistant to cleaning chemicals, water, dirt and tears. Like all our fabrics, it protects against UV rays and it is windproof and fire retardant.

5. Intriguing design:
The Pirontex® fabric is immediately recognisable by its matte colors, again due to the special production. Matte, in contrast to glossy, gives a more elegant and professional appearance. You can touch and see the quality!
Pirontex® is available in 13 colors.


Demonstrated pioneering spirit:

adaptable, resilient and durable

Smart technology

The big difference between Pirontex® and other fabrics is the innovative and environmentally friendly production method that we, together with our textile manufacturer, have decided to adopt in order to create a unique and inimitable product.

Pirontex® is produced with a mix of new and recycled polyester polymers that are combined with color pigments before being processed into yarn. This dyeing method is called "solution dyeing" and ensures that the product is not dyed with chemical solutions after its production, but is made from an already coloured yarn.

Why doesn't everyone use the solution dyeing process if it is so advantageous?

Solution dyeing is only feasible when huge quantities of fibre of the same color are required, which for many companies is not sustainable. Moreover, applying a new dyeing method means a change in machinery and organisation, and many dyeing factories are simply not ready for this.

Common fabrics are made with a mostly greyish thread. The fabric is then dipped into a dye bath to obtain the desired color.

Other fabrics


Tessuti per gazebo a confronto

Oxford 500D
mix di polimeri di poliestere nuovi e riciclati
polimeri di poliestere nuovi
Yarn count
600 D (2 x 300D cuciti assieme)
255 g/m2
220 g/m2
sottile strato di nano-particelle di rivestimento contro acqua, sporco e sostanze oleose
Internal section of yarn
completamente colorato
colorato solo esternamente
Coloring process
solution dyeing
colorazione tradizionale
Available colors
Fabric Color
Light fastness
filato colorato
tessuto colorato
Light fastness (DIN EN ISO 105-B02)
Scala di blu: 7-8 su 8
Scala di blu: 4,5-6,5 su 8
Light fastness (DIN EN ISO 105-A02)
scala di grigi: 4,5 su 5
scala di grigi: 3,5 su 5
Screen printing
Sublimation printing
Sublimation printing
Elongation (EN 53360)
6% di allungamento permanente
9,4% di allungamento permanente
Fire protection class (DIN EN 13501-1: 2019)
B -s1, d0 (difficilmente infiammabile)
B -s1, d0 (difficilmente infiammabile)
Water column (DIN EN 20811)
5.000 mm
1.500 mm
Bending strength (DIN EN ISO 32100)
senza esposizione agli UV: foratura dopo 100.000 piegature                   con esposizione agli UV: foratura dopo 31.500 piegature
senza esposizione agli UV: foratura dopo 20.000 piegature                     con esposizione agli UV: foratura dopo 8.000 piegature
water consumption
CO2 emissions
Energy consumption

Thermal, sublimation or screen printing?

Pirontex® fabric can be customised with logos and letterings. Choose the motif that suits you and turn your gazebo into a very unique one!