Straight valance
Entrance height:
7' 1''
Maximum height:
16' 4 ''
Pack size:
21'' x 21'' x 81''
Series 1
17x17ft Pagoda Canopy Tent with Scalloped Roof | Mastertent
Pagoda form
Entrance height:
7' 1''
Maximum height:
16' 4 ''
Pack size:
21'' x 21'' x 81''
Series 1

The Pagoda:
17x17ft Canopy Tent

High Peak Canopy Tent

Featuring our signature folding Pagoda roof, the 17x17ft Mastertent towers over other pop-up tents with an impressive 16' 4" peak height. Despite its massive size, the 17x17ft packs down into a compact size for easy transport and setup. Due to its height and endless customization options, the 17x17ft Pagoda is hugely popular for marketing events, tradeshow displays, catering and hospitality. 

Equip your tent with smart accessories, mix-and-match sidewalls , and our in-house printing options. Every Mastertent is backed by a Lifetime Warranty on the all-aluminum frame and our continual customer service. 

Design Your Pagoda Tent Download 17x17ft Data Sheet

17x17ft Canopy Tent

A Professional-Grade High-Peak Canopy Tent

Our 17x17ft Pagoda tent makes an impact on your guests without weighing down your set-up process with its sleek design and compact pack size. Our superior tent construction prepares your tent for ultimate performance with 

100% Waterproof

Cleverly designed down to the smallest detail.

Lateral Hinge Poles

Locked-in stability. Wrapping around the interior of the tent frame, the lateral hinge poles connect with a secure latching system for an additional point of stability in the tent's frame design.

Extended Central Mast

Towering peak. To achieve the 17x17ft Pagoda's signature height, we developed a simple, two-piece mast design to combine height with our compact pack size. 

Slide the telescoping mast into the frame's center to extend your tent roof to its full height. Then, secure the mast in place with the integrated locking pin system.

Series 1 Frame Construction

Top of the line. The Mastertent Series 1 frame model represents the epitome of premium construction. With our signature octagonal frame and robust 43mm diameter leg profile, the Series 1 is embedded with construction details to improve the tent's performance and ease of use. 

Build Your Custom 17x17ft Tent


Build your personal tent in our 3D Design Center. Take your pick of tent size, fabric color, printing, walls, and accessories. Then, test your tent design in your environment with our augmented reality preview tool.

17x17ft Canopy Tent Sidewalls

Add up to four sidewalls to your 17x17ft canopy tent.

Attached with heavy-duty velcro, our canopy tent sidewalls connect between tent legs to enclose your tent. Mix and match your choice of wall styles - doors, windows, half-heights, counters, and more. Utilize our in-house manufacturing to fulfill your unique needs with custom sidewall fabrication requests. 

17x17ft Pagoda Tent Inspiration

A 2x2 set up of 17x17 Mastertent Canopy Tents with peak flags and walls next to a line of smaller 10x10ft canopy tents set out in a large spacious area.
17x17ft Canopy Tent FAQs

The main difference between our classic pop-up tent and the Pagoda tent is height. Both tent models maintain our Mastertent Series 1 construction and easy folding tent set-up. 

Here are a few differences between the models:

Size Availability: Our classic pop-up tents are available in 12 sizes, while the Pagoda roof is available in our 10x10ft, 13x13ft, and 17x17ft models.

Peak Height & Measurements: The Pagoda roof takes the peak height of the 10x10ft tent from 10'9" for the classic to 12'1" for the Pagoda - one of the tallest 10x10ft pop-up tents on the market! 

Set-Up: Our classic tents have no additional parts for their setup. The 17ft Pagoda features a separate telescoping mast that tucks away into a side pocket on the tent's transport bag when not in use.

Cost: Due to its additional metalwork and construction details, the Pagoda tent is slightly higher in price than its classic counterpart. 


Yes! The high-peak Pagoda roof style is available in our 10x10ft and 13x13ft ​​​​​​​tent sizes. 

Blaue Transporttasche vom Pagodenzelt.
Compact for Travel

Cycling Tents

Outfit race day with custom pit tents.

17x17ft Tent Customization

Add Custom Printing to Your 17x17ft Canopy Tent

Design your 17x17ft tent with our choice of fabric colors and custom printing. Add a scalloped valance and corner curtains for an elegant touch. 

17x17ft Canopy Tent Applications

Popular Uses for High Peak Tents

The 17x17ft canopy tent's high peak and eye-catching design make it a standout choice for industries looking to attract attention. With unmatched visibility, the 17x17ft Pagoda is ideal for marketing and events or sports and recreation. The elegant sloping roofline suits dining and hospitality settings perfectly. This tent combines functionality with aesthetics, serving as a strategic asset for any business aiming to impress.

A Tent Upgrade

17x17ft Review from Gravity Academy MTB Team

"After three years of using what I thought were quality tents, I had grown to despise the experience that comes with using pop-up-style tents. After seeing a Mastertent in person being used by other teams, I was willing to make the investment.

Setting up the 17x17ft can be done very slowly with one person, but two people are highly recommended. Once we got it set up, the reasoning for the higher-than-average price became obvious. The canvas is tight and form-fitting throughout, and the frame has very little play in the joints.

One of my biggest complaints with all the other tents I've used in the past is their ability to keep us dry and the constant task of draining water that pulls at the top of the tent, no matter how tight we made the tops. We used our Mastertent in several heavy rain storms throughout Europe and not once did we have to adjust or drain water from the top. The canvas did not sag or show signs of stretching.

Lastly, the bag the tent comes with is very nice and actually usable. Most bags the tents come in are very tight and hard to use, so most of the time, they are omitted, which leads to the tents getting damaged during transport. Plus, they usually rip in the first year from normal use anyway. The bag that comes with the Mastertent is a thick PVC material that has a loose but formed fit over the tent, making packing easy. It withstood several slides in and out of our vans using the add on wheels and being stored in the back of the van on its side.

Overall, I'm really happy with Mastertent and its products, and I can see getting 5-plus years of use out of these tents versus the 1.5 years I was getting out of my other tents. I have ordered two 26x13ft tents for our North American team and another 17x17ft tent for Europe as well, and we are looking forward to getting to use them."

- Cory Rimmer, Gravity Academy MTB

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