Dream big with Mastertent's custom-made canopy tent.

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Custom-Made Canopy Tents

Are you looking for something truly unique, completely custom for a project?

With 1,000’s of option combinations and in-house custom fabrication, Mastertent is your choice for custom-made canopy tents and other mobile solutions!

Mastertent has over 30 years of experience turning your unique needs into easy-to-use mobile solutions, and we love new challenges! Sometimes just the right mix of pre-designed options can accomplish the goal, while other times we need to engineer new solutions.

Custom-made solutions can range from super small canopy tents, canopy tents with storage or back room options, grand designs in single large canopy tent applications, or even custom features like TV mounts or serving windows in your canopy tent!

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Made in Europe

Custom Size Canopy Tents

Standard sizes don't fit all, think outside the tent! 

Do you have a unique size space to fit or special size needs under the canopy tent? At Mastertent, our design and production teams are experts at developing unique sizes that are still mobile and easy-to-use!

Extra narrow to fit perfectly in a tight spot, taller entry height for large vehicles to drive-thru, super long to fit a wedding table, if you need a custom size canopy tent, we’re excited to work with you to see what’s possible!

Fast Delivery

A request from a Japanese customer: a transparent canopy tent. No problem! What is your requirement?

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Custom-Made Canopy Tent Sidewalls

Small adjustments create big solutions! 

Canopy tent walls offer enormous function and design possibilities! Beyond the most popular Mastertent sidewall options, we can create custom wall solutions for almost any application.

Custom serving windows or food protective screens for vending tents, dividing walls or storage room solutions for sales tents, even activity walls or Monitor mounting solutions for tradeshow tents.