Industry-leading performance, looks, and features - our premium canopy tents. 

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Series 1 Premium Canopy Tents

The Mastertent S1 is a heavy-duty, professional grade canopy tent that leads the industry with elite quality, innovative designs and extreme performance, including innovative features only available with our top-level Mastertent S1.

Are you looking for a professional canopy tent that stands out in a crowd, has extreme strength for frequent, long-term use, and provides waterproof, fire-retardant, UV-protected, wind-tough performance?

Then the Mastertent Series 1 is your best choice!

100% Waterproof

Quality is in the details

With 30+ years of experience, comprehensive know-how and an innovative spirit, Mastertent pays attention to the details.

When you take a closer look, you’ll find the details are what separate us from the competition. Canopy tents may all look similar from a distance, but once you’ve owned and operated a Mastertent, you’ll notice the difference.  Even better, your guests will notice how nice your tent is, too!

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The Classic
The Classic
Classic Roof Peak with Straight Valances

A best-selling option - The traditional canopy tent roof that is always in style.

Scalloped Valance
Scalloped Valance
Classic Roof with Scalloped Valances

An elegant twist to a traditional tent design.

The Square
The Square
Modern Flat‐Top Roof with Massive Valances

An extremely eye‐catching advertiser, the billboard of canopy tents. 

The Awning
The Awning
Extended Roof Line with Awnings

Choose how many tent sides to have an awning on. No matter if you choose 1 or 4 awnings, this roof option adds functional flair to your canopy tent.

The Pagoda
The Pagoda
High-Peak Roof with Dramatic Flair

A unique canopy roof that has a “wow” factor.

5 different roof styles in the Series 1

Automatic Roof Awnings

Extend your canopy tent roof coverage, better protection against outdoor elements, rain and sun exposure, as well as great styling that complements your activities. Achieve the ultimate combo of function and flare with Mastertent canopy tent
automatic roof awnings.

Exclusive to the S1 series, automatic awnings can be integrated on 1‐2‐3 or all 4 sides. Like every Mastertent product set up is quick and easy, tool-free 60-second set up!

yellow canopy tent with awnings on a white studio background
Closeup of left half of a yellow canopy tent coming from the right side of image on a white studio background. Blue triangular flags on each corner of the tent.


Mastertent canopy tent sidewalls feature a continuous design offering a full-enclosure connection around each tent leg. Pick from 12 fabric colors or customize with our in-house printing options. The sidewalls are the best in the industry, in security, style and weather performance – see for yourself with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Explore Series 1 sidewall options:

  • Closed, full sidewalls
  • Round-arch or panoramic window sidewalls
  • Roll-up door sidewalls
  • Half-height, lower sidewalls
  • Interior partition, dividing sidewalls
  • Custom request sidewalls

Find your perfect sidewall solutions!

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