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Perfect lighting for any event - LED's, Halogens, and more!

Let there be light... in your canopy tent! Canopy tent users sometimes underestimate the impact of the right lighting choice at events, but it can make a significant contribution in your success! 

As the sun goes down, our Mastertent canopy tent lighting systems are exceptional at keeping the party going and allowing you to set the tone - bright for attention with sales and services, soft for dining and special events. The same also applies to market tents, promotional tents or sales stands.

 Mastertent offers 2 great options: 

  • The LED lighting system consisting of 4 bars that easily attach to your canopy tent frame, dimmable and low power usage. 
  • The LED lighting system consisting of 3 classic floodlights with mount that quickly connects to the tent peak mast.

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LED Bars for Canopy Tents

Efficient. Dimmable. Modern. The LED lighting system allows you to control the mood and evening activity of your canopy tent.

With a convenient dimmer switch, the brightness of the light can be adjusted, depending on the needs of the occasion. Sales and product presentations are best under the bright lights, while lower tones help set a softer mood for guest services or special events.

The canopy tent LED lighting sytem features 4 LED bars, efficient and powerful at 15 watts each, that are dimmable to almost keep the perfect atmosphere and, above all, the optimal brightness under your canopy tent.

Perfect lighting is always in style.

Saving Power is Easy 

Unlike the Halogen lighting systems, our dimmable LED option can save electricity by maintaining the same light intensity over time with much less power consumption. Compared to the Halogen, the LED's use only 20% of the energy. Choosing our LED lighting is a win for your canopy tent and the environment.

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