Always one step ahead.

Mastertent takes care of everything. Technical refinement down to the smallest detail distinguishes us. Since 1948 we have constantly been working on the smartest innovations and technologies.

The surface treatments, the production of the base frames and the processing of the wooden plates have always been and continue to be scrutinised and improved.

On this page you will get an overview of the smartest details. 

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Surface quality

The secret for the longevity of our surfaces? Our patented coatings, which protect against environmental influences and scratches.

Our beer table sets are coated with a patented Mastertent glaze. Three layers of UV glaze of 20g/m² are applied. The special top coat contains NANO particles for a sheeny surface with an anti-abrasion structure.

The use of NANO particles also guarantees easy cleaning and maximum scratch resistance. And of course our beer garden furniture is food safe. Proper maintenance ensures that your set looks flawless, even after years.

Your table and bench set is exposed to extreme temperature, snow and ice? Then the “Dolomit” special coating is your right choice. It is elastic and therefore offers optimal moisture protection. Moreover, it perfectly adapts to the shrinkage behaviour of the wood, which continues to live on. 

For the “Dolomit” coating we use a UV glaze, but in a higher quality than the commonly used UV glazes. The high-quality UV glaze is based on many years of experience and is the result of numerous optimisations. During the coating process, three layers of the special UV glaze of 25 g/m² each, are applied to the upper side of the wooden plate and one layer of the same is applied to the underside. A high-quality top coat with NANO coating protects against scratches and dirt with its anti-abrasion structure.

The “Dolomit” coating guarantees an even higher weather resistance and long-term enjoyment - a must for hut owners!

Fire Retardant
UV Glaze
High quality and fast availability.

Wooden Plates

Sustainable. Wood is one of the rare raw materials that is naturally renewed and improves the quality of nature - when sustainable cultivated. This is what we build on. And you can sit on it!

We only use: 

  • selected, air- and chamber-dried spruce wood from local forests
  • duroplastic, waterproof quality glue

High-quality work: 

  • Woods are joined seamlessly and glued together.
  • Resin pockets are milled out and glued.
  • All edges are neatly rounded and sanded.

The environment is very important to us; therefore, we are actively committed to the reforestation of the local forests.

Base Frame

Stable. Technical. Functional. Oktoberfest approved - our Mastertent base frames. We are particularly proud of the unbeatable stability of our base frames.

Dirt and aggressive external influences are the enemies of every conventional varnishing. But Mastertent is not conventional! Our base frames are coated with a high-quality powder, based on polystyrene. To prevent dirt we use a powder coating especially for outdoor use.

The powder coating is applied in a multi-phase process: First, the base frames are cleaned of residues and grease. Afterwards, they are sprayed with fine powder in a specific chamber. No solvents need to be used due to the electrostatic charge. Finally, the base frames are placed in a furnace, where the powder melts at a temperature of 180°C. The result is a resistant and homogeneous coating.

You wonder what contributes to this unbeatable stability, which even withstands the Oktoberfest in Munich - Europe's biggest folk festival?

The particularly smart details of our base frames, of course: The use of the C-profile 35x25x2mm for higher load capacity, the X-bracing for even higher stability, wide "feet" for more stability on any surface and the automated production of the base frames  for absolute quality assurance. These features increase stability by 20% compared to conventional models.

Mastertent offers maximum handling, stability and safety. Tested at the Munich Oktoberfest!

More than just a  bench to sit on.


Generous warranties and numerous certifications for materials, production processes and technology are part of our commitment.

Mastertent represents quality, reliability and safety. A continuously improved production process guarantees a total quality management for the benefit of our customers. Do you want to be able to rely completely on the quality class of our products?

Our products and services are monitored, actively controlled and improved. Our warranties and certificates are your security for the success of our products. They prove to be from a trend-setting quality. Our certifications are issued exclusively to our company. This is a guarantee for authenticity and reliability.
TÜV Certified