Employee satisfaction is a very high priority for our commitment to sustainability.

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Together for this one goal

We have a social responsibility towards ourselves, our employees and their families. We are aware of this and do everything we can to live up to this responsibility. 

This is why we support our employees in their personal and professional development within the company and take care of personal concerns and the compatibility of work and family.

After all, a satisfied employee is the greatest asset a company can have. 

Gender Equality
Gender Equality
Good health and wellbeing
Good health and wellbeing

What defines our team are the passion and motivation we share with each other.

A company's success is based on its employees' trust.


In order to promote the health of Mastertent's employees, the "WellBeing" programme was launched. It aims to encourage employees to eat healthy, exercise more and achieve a good work-life balance.

Thus, as part of this project, a new lounge with daily fresh fruit and a yoga room were set up. In these two feel-good rooms, employees can find a place of retreat where they can recharge their batteries.

Our team talks about Mastertent ...
Mitarbeiterin Melanie Hopfgartner
I work in the Online Marketing team at Mastertent and I love the variety of my daily work.
Melanie Hopfgartner - Online
As a graphic designer at Mastertent, I love creating beautiful designs for our folding gazebos.
Sandra Steiner - Graphics

Culture in the factory

Once a year, Mastertent's production halls turn into a very special location and offer a unique flair of music, theatre, cabaret and comedy.

In such occasions, the charity idea is clearly our priority. 100% of the earning goes to a selected aid programme.

MT Club

The "MT Club" is a committee of employees who receive a certain budget from the management in order to organise activities for the whole Mastertent team. 

In this way, the employees assume social responsibility for each other, promote health through sporting activities such as yoga, cycling or hiking, and organise convivial get-togethers like dinners or games evenings.

Smart Working

Reconciling family and work has never been so important to us. Especially in this difficult time we have come to value the advantages of home-office, self-responsibility as well as the trust in our employees.