Advertising gazebos with roof flags from MASTERTENT at a cycling event.

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White gazebo roof with the Mastertent and the Civil Protection Milano logo.
Civil Service Milano
The light grey gazebo 8x4 m with 4 canopies serves as a terrace canopy for the Mar'n'go bar in Italy. There are tables and chairs underneath.
The Subaru folding gazebo is standing on a lawn, next to it there is a inflatable dog. People are standing in front of the fence under the gazebo.
Subaru USA
Garage Days Pizza
Garage Days Pizza
The test cabin with the blue roof and white side walls stands in front of the "Farmacia Ripetta" in Rome.
Farmacia Ripetta
The three blue gazebos from Epiphany's Kitchen stand in front of the restaurant and serve as canopies. All have blue side walls with large windows.
Epiphany's Kitchen
The gazebo serves as a canopy in front of the "Friggitoria Moriani" snack bar.
Friggitoria Moriani
The garden tent 6x3 m in beige/ecru stands on the terrace in the garden. Underneath is a seating area with a large table and comfortable chairs.
Garden Tent
Four folding gazebos of different sizes are standing in a garden next to a house.
De Blois USA
The gazebo stands at the roadside. The woman checks the car driver at the border.
Clear Creek County
The pagoda tents serve as terrace canopies in front of the Hotel Barrage.
Hotel Barrage
In front of the restaurant are two 6x4 m gazebos in bordeaux. The side walls are in bordeaux and have windows.
West End Restaurant Steakhouse
The blue gazebo is in front of the entrance. Underneath are grey boxes and on the roof is Binbox.
A garden tent with grey roof is standing on the terrace of a private house.
Garden tent 6x4 in Belgium
In front of a restaurant are tables and chairs under a blue gazebo with lights and heaters. There are plants and decorations.
Milbrandt Vineyards
On a parking there are two Rescue tents with white sidewalls and red roofs. Furthermore, there are two green gazebos, some cars and an employee.
Comune Carpaneto Piacentino
In a gymnasium there are two white vaccination tents with a blue roof. Behind them is a grandstand and in front of them several tables and chairs.
Comune di Arquata Scrivia
A white folding gazebo with a scalloped valance is standing in front of a house on a paved path surrounded by a lawn. There are plants in flower pots under the gazebo.
Garden tent 4x4
A white garden tent with white sidewalls and round arched windows is standing in the garden on a green lawn.
Garden Tent
Two white folding gazebos are standing next to each other on a street, they have white sidewalls with doors and windows, in the background there are buildings and in the foreground two civil servants wearing yellow vests.
Protezione Civile Sicilia
A black folding gazebo with the writing In craft beer we trust is standing in a supermarket. Different beer types of the Be Here brewery are displayed.
Be Here
There is a printed dark blue foldig gazebo with walls in front of a building.
Kit Rescue
A white Covid-19 testing tent stands in front of the Farmacia Rovani
Covid-19 testing cabin
A blue and white testing tent for Covid-19 stands in front of a pharmacy
Covid-19 testing cabin
There is a covid screening testing gazebo in front of a farmacy.
Screening Test Covid-19
A VW bus is parked with its trunk open in front of a farmacy.
Mobile testing vehicle
A blue, printed gazebo with side walls stands next to palm trees and cars.
Sonergia Paris
A group of teenagers are standing under a blue gazebo in front of a church. Everyone is wearing masks.
St. Peter's Pantry
There are 8 black tents in a parking lot in the USA. Cars drive through the testing station next to a building.
Drive Thru Testing Station
There is a tent with side walls and fairy lights on the terrace. There is a fireplace and garden furniture.
Garden Tent
There are two black tents in a hall. They are printed.
jb BRUNEX Superior Factory Racing
A white Gazebo stands in front of the Greenwood restaurant in the United States.
Greenwood Restaurant
The black street food truck stands in the car park. Next to it is a black gazebo with a flat roof. The gazebo has black side walls and is printed.
Der Foodtruck vom See
The nursery "Ruud Sinnema" uses the blue gazebos 6x3 m with one awning to cover the flowers in the outside area of the garden centre.
Ruud Sinnema
For the fruit market, three gazebos from Gebr. van Hezik with full-surface printing, awnings and black structure are located at the fruit market.
Gebr. van Hezik
The Covid-19 series test station is in front of the Kaltern pharmacy in Goldgasse. The roof is blue, the side walls grey and the sun is shining in the sky.
Apotheke Kaltern Goldgasse
The grey 6x3 m working tent from Visser & Smit Hanab stands in the excavation pit during road works.
Visser & Smit Hanab
Rescue tent in front of the hospital "Clinica Villa Fiorita" in Italy.
Clinica Villa Fiorita
The Forelle promotional tent for baseball accessories at a major sporting event.
The fully printed Sarner Ski promotion tent in the middle of the snowy mountains. It has printed side walls and a promotional flag. | © Kottersteger Manuel
Sarner Ski
The white Covid rapid test cabin is located in the pharmacy "Pharmacie de la Citadelle".
Pharmacie de la Citadelle
The new rapid test cabin is in front of the pharmacy "Farmacia del Tricolle". Two people are standing in front of it.
Farmacia del Tricolle
The 8x4 m gazebo from Aqua Natura Park serves as a canopy for a garden party. It is equipped with side walls with windows.
Aqua Natura Park
The Hyundai paddock tents are located at the race track. They are all fully personalised and printed. There are personalised flags on the roofs.
Sales Tent for Dramiński
Skandia's three white promotion tents stand on the square. All around them, people are gathering information. Blue flags are on the roofs of the promotion tents.
Racing Tent Statoil
Statoil Rally Team
The fully printed gazebo 4.5x3 m serves as a racing tent and paddock tent for the "Devil Cars". Both the side walls and the roof are individually printed.
Devil Cars
"Freijer Fruit" Market Tent
Freijer Fruit
The gazebo is fully personalised. The entire tent is printed with flames. It still has 4 canopies and can be used as a sales stand.
Custom Gazebo
Van Klaveren Juwelier Entrance Roofing
Van Klaveren Juwelier
Promotion Tent SGS
The 3x3 m gazebo in blue has a blue side wall. Shimano" is written in white on the side wall and on the roof.
The light blue promotion tent from Nestea stands in front of a building in the meadow. It has three light blue side walls. The Nestea logo is printed in the middle.
The beige gazebo stands on a square and serves as a visitor tent during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is separated with a transparent PVC window.
Mobile Visitor Center
The Covid-19 test cabin in beige has been prepared for the rapid tests. You can see the cabin, the gaiters and the counter in front of it.
Covid-19 Test Cabin
Covid Rapid Test Cabin Masius Pharmacie
Masius Pharmacie
The quick test cabin with the size 3x1,5 m has a red roof and white side walls. It is located in front of the pharmacy "Pharmacie de Laure".
Pharmacie de Laure
The black folding tent 2x2 m covers the entrance to the McArthurGlen Outlets in Parndorf.
McArthurGlen Outlet
You can see the entire market tents of from above. All are fully printed and cover the market square.
The blue folding tent of the sports club "Vesmaco" is located in the middle of the pitch in a stadium. The race track for the skaters runs all around the stadium.
The Corona rapid test cabin of the "Pharmacie Clement" is white with white side walls. The pharmacist stands in the cabin.
Pharmacie Clement
The two promotion tents of Kouwen are black and stand on a square. All around are some cars.
The two market tents are black and have canopies. The customers cavort around the market stall of the bakery.
The information stand of Amel Medical is a blue folding tent 3x3 m with 3 blue side walls. Underneath is a counter with information material.
Amel Medical
The grey folding tents 8x4 m are in front of the entrance of Amazon.
The kayak club "AZS - AWF Poznań Kajakarze" has a blue folding tent with blue side walls. In front of it there are 3 girls who belong to the sports club.
AZS - AWF Poznań Kajakarze
Visscher Seafood
Spiga Löwenstrasse
The gazebos in ecru are on the terrace of Hartley's restaurant in Ireland.
The folding tent serves as a terrace roofing for the gym "The Loft" in France. The athletes train under the folding tent.
The Loft
The bordeaux red gazebo serves as a terrace roof. So the terrace can also be used during Covid-19. The folding tent has side walls with door and windows.
There are 2 racing cars under the RT Rally Technology racing tent. The folding tents serve as a workshop.
Rally Technology
The folding tent from Orlen is fully printed. In front of it are car tyres.
Gazebo for Medical Assistsance
Fire Department
Gazebo with one sidewall and a roof flag
Fitclub Enjoy
M. Franken
Printed market tent for fruits and vegetables - full print - gazebo from Mastertent
Boy's Fruit
Yellow gazebo with yellow frame for the Movimento 5 Stelle Sanremo. Below it are the party members.
Movimento 5 Stelle
Gazebo 6x4 m for automotive
Printed market tent for fruits and vegetables - full print - gazebo from Mastertent
Jansen - Groente & Fruit
The red gazebo by Ceccato stands in the middle of red machines. Underneath is a red carpet. The folding tent serves as an exhibition and fair tent.
Covid-19 testing cabin from Mastertent
Colombo Studio Medico Specialisitico
Gazebo with awnings - Mastertent
Cafè Florian
The white gazebo of the "Bundesministeriums für Inneres" stands in front of a jeweller's entrance.
BMI - Bundesministerium für Inneres
Gazebos as terrace roofing especially for Corona.
Terrace roofing
Association "Vier Pfoten"
Logo printed crepes sales stand with a flat roof by "La Mule" and a red printed sidewall with a large panorma window.
La Mule
Under the PRP racing tent is a racing car. Next to it is a car tyre.
GT Factory Racing
Red gazebo with small print on the roof and side walls as information stand. Underneath there is a table, chairs and a counter for consultation.
Roofing of the terrace in front of the Cusanus Academy in Brixen. On the terrace there are white folding tents measuring 6x4 m.
Cusanus Akademie
White gazebo 4,5x3 m with "Yanmar" on the roof.
White gazebo 8x4 m with "Yanmar" on the roof.
ifolor Kinderland
Emmi Chai Latte
Gazebos at a sport event
jb BRUNEX® Felt Team
Folding tent on the balcony or a roof terrace.
Private Balcony tent
Gazebo 8x4 m for restaurant outdoor spaces by Mastertent
Acqua Basel
Ayass Bioscience
The two white tents from the bicycle rental are outdoors. All the bicycles are underneath.
Green Road - Rent Your Bike
The red folding tent is used as a pizza stand. Pizza slices are sold under the folding tent. There are 2 flags on the roof.
Pizza Wholegrain
The folding tent of Ring of Fire BBQ stands in the green in front of a house. The folding tent is fully printed.
Ring of Fire BBQ
Asociatia Club Sportiv a Regiunilor Unite
The man is standing outside his street food tent in the street.
Soho Diary
The Vespa rental has the 4,5x3 m tent to cover the Vespas. Under the grey tent there are 4 Vespas, 2 black Vespas, 1 red Vespa and 1 white Vespa.
Langa Rent - Vespa
Canopy tent with awnings serves as a sales stand for souvenirs. The tent is located at Lago di Como in Italy.
Lago di Como
Bar Turista
Dopo Gara
Bologna FC
ABS Airbag
Filippo Parmeggiani
Morley Hayes
BMW Motorrad
Butet Saumur
An information stand with a printed roof and a printed side wall. In the middle of the folding pavilion is a covered table with various brochures.
Rambouillet Territoires
A red 4,5x3 m promotion tent stands outside on a paved path. The roof and the side wall are printed with the logo "Rapala". You can see the tent from the side.
Automeile Mödling
Wiener Wahnsinn
Golfclub Zillertal
Wimmer Werk
Gazebo 4x4 m for automotive
FF Zell am Moos
Buongiorno Italia Natale
Hertog Jan
Villa del Casale Bongirado
Weißes Klassik 3x3 Zelt gewellte Blende
Cantine Nicosia Sicilia
HC Pustertal
Wicklow Brewery
Ladies Cup Golf Sterzing
Aeronautica Militare
Sky Allianz Arena
Partition walls
Comune di Predazzo
Clinica di Piacenza
Ospedale di Crema
Freisinger Land
An 8x4 m white tent with a dark blue printed roof in front of the Brixsana private clinic.
A 1,5x1,5 m Covid-19 test cabin is located in the hospital in Schlanders. The test cabin is equipped with gaiters and a protective wall. The test cabin also has a green flat roof. Next to the test cabin on the left side is a desk with a chair and on the right side a device.
COVID-19 Test Cabin
A 4x4 m rescue tent with grey/white printed side walls and orange printed roof with the logo "Protezione Civile Montesilvano". Two employees are just about to finish setting up the tent.
Protezione Civile Montesilvano
A whole team of helpers with protective masks and clothing is standing in front of the Drive-In test station. The tent is white, only part of the screen is orange and it is written "Testing Pruebas".
Drive-in test centre
A black 3x3 m promotion tent. Printed with the logo "Shimano" on the roof panel. The side wall is also printed with a not quite blue round circle.
A red 3x3 m promotion tent with printed roof and printed logo "Pizza Hut" on the side wall. You can see the tent from the front and it stands outside on a paved square. In the background is a meadow.
Pizza Hut
The Covid-19 Test Cabin is placed in front of the private clinic Brixsana. In front of the cabin are Georg Zingerle and the doctor Gardetto.
Brixsana Private Clinic
Gazebo 6x3 Polski Czerwony Krzyz
Polski Czerwony Krzyz
A 3x3 m tent with white printed roof with the logo Autism Aid. The tent stands in the open on a meadow.
Autism Aid
Gazebo 3x3 Yamaha
A 6x3 m promotion tent stands in the middle of the meadow. The roof is light blue and printed with the logo "Triathlon Club". The side walls are dark blue and also printed with different motives/logos.
Triathlon Club
Gazebo 4x4 Coreff
A 4x4 m printed tent with 4 canopies from the front. On the roof is a giraffe in the sunset and on the side wall are several elephants. On the side wall on the lower left you can see the logo "Kenya" in red.
Kenya Shop Tent
Gazebo 4,5x3 La Frituur
La Frituur
A dark blue 3x3 m promotion tent stands outside on a paved path. The complete side wall is printed with a photo. The photo shows a family taking a photo in front of a statue.
A 4,5x3 m tent in bordeaux colour with 3 closed side walls. The roof panel is printed with the website and the logo "Bentley Farm".  The tent can be seen from the front and is open. Inside the tent there are various products for sale.
Bentley Farm
Gazebo 4,5x3 Castel Katzenzungen
Castel Katzenzungen
Next to a race track stands the printed tent. The side walls are printed with different logos. The red roof and roof panels are printed with the logo "Carcover Racing Team".  Around the tent there are some people to be seen. In the background a big building in the colour partly orange and grey.
Carcover Racing Team
Gazebo 3x3 Square Mojiteria
2 couples wear 1 t-shirt together and have a race. Behind it you see left and right a 3x3 m red tent with the logo "Coca Cola" printed on the roof. In the middle there is a big statue - a man on a horse.
Coca Cola event
Gazebo 6x3 Mountain Spirit
Mountain Spirit
To the left and right there is a 3x3 m tent each with the logo "Kafune" printed on the roof. On the right there is a queue in front of the tent. Both tents are equipped with a printed flag. The tent on the right side consists of a half height side wall which is printed with different colourful motives.
Gazebo 3x3 Oasi Del Miele Marchetti
Oasi Del Miele Marchetti
A 2x2 m dark grey event tent with printed inscription "Lavos Music Club" on the roof. On the panels with printed logo "Pepsi". In the tent there is a desk printed with the inscription/ logo "Lavos".
Lavos Music Club
Gazebo 8x4 Ford
Gazebo 4x4 Wind
Gazebo 4x4 Pizza Pig
Pizza Pig
A white 4,5x3 m tent with a canopy and without side walls. The roof is printed with the logo "Skoda" and stands outside somewhere in a meadow. In the background you can see some trees.
You can see an 8x4 m tent with a red roof and white roof panels. Under the tent are some people waiting for the next car to come.
Auto Check Center
A 4x4m light grey tent with red printed inscription on the corrugated panels. The tent has corner curtains and stands outside. Under the tent there is garden furniture for sitting.
Gazebo 6x4 & 8x4 Lucullus
Gazebo 6x3 Nils
Epic Ski Tour
A white 6x3 m promotion tent. The roof is blue and is printed with the logo "Proauto". The side wall is also printed with a racing driver and racing car in black, white and red.
Gazebo 4,5x3 Dakine
Gazebo 6x3 Budweiser
Gazebo 6x3 Burrito Sushi
Burrito Sushi
A black 3x2 m promotion tent. The roof as well as the side walls are printed with the logo "orange" in the colour orange. The tent stands on a meadow next to a building.
Orange promotion tent
Gazebo 4,5x3m Garage Perrin
Garage Perrin
Gazebo 3x3 Vodafone
Pre-Triage Tent with a yellow roof in front of the private clinic Brixana.
Triage Tent in front of a private clinic
A medical tent from Mastertent is used as Pre-Triage Tent in front of the hospital of Bolzano.
Red Cross Italy
Borussia Dortmund Fan Club
Drive-Through Testcenter
Pine Island
Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation
Ein Baukastensystem aus roten Faltpavillons der Firma Novaxi steht auf einer Wiese. Daneben stehen Traktoren und andere Geräte für die Landwirtschaft
Ein Sanitätszelt steht vor dem Eiffelturm und daneben steht ein weißes Rettungsauto
Protection Civile Paris
Rambouilette Territoires
Printed promotion tent for the Unione Rugby San Benedetto.
Unione Rugby San Benedetto
Coca Cola
Crêpes are prepared in a black 3x3 folding pavilion with the imprint "Couer de crèpes".
Coeur de crépes
Swarovski Optik
Two 5x5 m gazebos are placed in the garden. There are seating areas under them.
L'Ora Sesta
Nike Swim
Mercedes Benz
Hermann Achmüller Sportswear
Olympia Cycles
Marvel Fantastic Four
A green gazebo from Heineken is located in front of the stage. It is used as a beverage stand at the event.
Domaine de Roquefeuille
Bontrager | Trek Bikes
Licher Natur Radler
The street food stand of "Dingenen & Dergent" is located on a meadow. The turquoise trailer is standing next to the black folding pavilion.
Dingenen & Dergent
Rote und weiße Faltpavillons werden von Budweiser Theken umrahmt, um Platz für Kellner und Getränke zu schaffen.
Elegant gazebos are located in fornt of the municipal hall in the garden.
Villa Rotonda del Palladio
Alta Marea
A black 2x2 m promotion tent. The side walls are printed with the logo "Artus Pirotechnika" in white and partly orange, as well as with the telephone number. The tent stands on the meadow.
Artus Pirotechnika
Schwarzer Faltpavillon mit Vordach bei einem Event von Maserati. Daneben steht ein blauer Maserati.
Maserati München
Carolina Panthers
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